What is the working principle of solar led landscape lamp

- Aug 14, 2019-

Solar led landscape lamp is one of the types of solar led street lamp, solar led street lamp has great advantages, solar street lamp is the use of solar power generation, battery storage, controller control the battery charge and discharge to work. The controller is divided into two kinds: light control and time control. During the day, when the sun shines on the surface of the solar cell, the electricity generated by the solar cell is charged by the controller. At night, the light gradually weakens, and the working voltage and current of the solar cell continue to decrease. When the working voltage is lower than the voltage set by the controller, the controller starts the load, and the solar street lamp is lit up. When the set time or ambient light is too strong, the controller automatically turns off the load and the solar cell starts charging. And so on.

When we use solar led street lamps, we will encounter rain, snow and lightning. At this time, solar led street lamps can still be used normally, and the battery can store electric energy. Even if the panels can convert more electricity, the batteries are wasted if they can't store it. So spectrum electrons have to have enough storage capacity, which is mostly combined with solar panels. The general idea is that the higher the storage capacity, the better.

To sum up, the premise of these solar led street lamps is that led efficiency should be high, the quality of solar led street lamps should be very qualified, and led efficiency generally exceeds 200lm/W. At that time, the light guide tube, remote fluorescent powder and liquid cooling technology continue to improve, indicating that people have access to new ways to make LED lights, which will create new and more competitive lighting products in the future.