The plant growth lamp is an illumination source for plant growth developed by simulating the solar spectrum.

- Mar 14, 2019-

The plant growth lamp is an illumination source for plant growth developed by simulating the solar spectrum. The visible light in the spectrum is reasonable from the 380NM blue portion to the 780NM red portion, and the light curve simulates the shape of the solar spectrum. The light color is about 10 am. Daylight color, strong color rendering, small color temperature drift, high light efficiency, large light transmission.

In March 2013, Harbin Philippine Company successfully introduced plant growth lamps into the market and applied them in practice. Philippine plant growth lamp 150W more than 5 200W (35W more than 1 200W) incandescent bulbs, can fully meet the requirements of greenhouse light.

The role of light compensation points:

The light compensation point is the illuminance value when the plant's photosynthetic intensity and respiration intensity are equal.

Above the light compensation point, photosynthesis of plants exceeds respiration and can accumulate organic matter. Below the light compensation point, the respiration of plants exceeds photosynthesis. At this time, instead of accumulating organic matter, it consumes stored organic matter.

If it is below the light compensation point for a long time, the plant will gradually become yellow and die. When the temperature rises, the respiration increases and the light compensation point rises.

Therefore, planting plants in the greenhouse should avoid excessive temperature when the light is insufficient, so as to reduce the light compensation point and facilitate the accumulation of organic matter.

The light compensation point of the plant population is also higher than that of the single leaf, because there are many leaves in the group and they are shaded by each other. When the illumination is weak, the upper leaves can also perform photosynthesis, but the lower leaves have strong respiration and photosynthesis is weak, so the whole group The light compensation point rises.

The role of full-spectrum plant growth lamps:

The full-spectrum plant growth lamp is based on the principle of plant growth and simulating the proportion of solar spectrum. The artificial light source with full spectrum has been developed, and the radiation range is wide, reaching more than 100LM per watt, which truly meets the requirements of green lighting.

For agricultural greenhouses, as a supplemental light, light can be enhanced at any time of the day to help plants to always use photosynthesis. Especially in the winter months, you can extend the effective lighting time. Whether at dusk or at night, the illumination required by plants can be effectively extended and scientifically controlled without any environmental changes.

In greenhouse or plant laboratories, it can completely replace natural light to promote plant growth.

After application testing, the wavelength of the Philippine plant growth lamp is very suitable for the growth of plants, flowering, and results. Generally, indoor plants and flowers will grow worse with time. The main reason is the lack of sufficient light irradiation. Spectral irradiation of plants can not only promote their growth, but also prolong flowering and improve the quality of flowers and trees.

For the breeding of plants and flowers in the office hall of large enterprises, fill light is a big problem. It can be solved by using the full-spectrum low-power fill light of Philippine. It also plays the role of landscape lighting, due to the color rendering of the light source. Strong, the flowers and trees are brightly colored under the full spectrum of light, giving people a beautiful and pleasing feeling.