The method of extending the service life of solar LED street lamp battery

- Jul 30, 2019-

Solar LED street lamp is mainly composed of battery, solar panel, controller, LED lamp holder and other components. During the day, solar panel absorbs solar energy, and at night, the battery discharges the load for lighting at night.

In solar LED street lamp system, battery is the core of solar LED street lamp. At the same time, the solar LED street lamp battery cost is high, the service life is short, is the solar LED street lamp system use the most important factor. Therefore, we must use the battery reasonably, has extended its service life. How on earth can we extend the service life of solar LED street lamp battery, so that the battery "prolong life"?

1. Select batteries for solar LED street lamps produced by regular manufacturers

Many different kinds of battery, start metal battery, power battery, UPS battery various types, such as for battery application environment, discharge current and discharge depth is different, each type of battery is not universal, must choose special solar battery, it is best to solar gel batteries, long service life. At the same time, the battery produced by regular manufacturers should be selected, so that the battery performance is stable, after-sales service is guaranteed, and the battery service life is long, thus promoting the overall service life of the solar LED street lamp system.

2, reasonable calculation of the required capacity of the battery

In solar LED street lamp before the installation, we need to design good solar LED street lamp battery capacity, according to the system requirements, a night lighting time, the local climate, rainy days combined principle calculation parameters, such as battery capacity, battery capacity selection cannot too small nor too big, battery capacity is small, will often lead to put, large capacity, and often with electric charge, always in a state of loss of electricity. Should be determined to avoid unreasonable battery capacity design and lead to battery power loss, serious overdischarge, resulting in internal changes in the battery, and then affect the service life of the battery. Therefore, reasonable calculation of battery capacity is the premise of ensuring battery life.

3, battery cut-off discharge voltage control

Battery service life and its discharge depth and related, discharge depth of 50% of the battery service life is far more than the discharge depth of 100% of the battery, the deeper the discharge depth, the shorter the battery life. To reasonably control the cut-off discharge voltage of the battery, the general solar LED street lamp battery discharge cut-off voltage control between 11.2v-11.5v, which is conducive to the control of the battery discharge depth, extend the battery life.

4, battery temperature control

The service life of the battery also has a great relationship with the temperature, industry experience generally believes that the environmental temperature relative to 25℃ every 10℃ increase, battery life reduced by half, low temperature has no effect on the battery life, but will affect the effective capacity of the battery. Therefore, to provide a more ideal working environment for the battery is particularly important. Battery deep underground, can effectively solve the problem of storage battery temperature, the study found that at certain depth below the surface, because of the existence of geothermal temperature affected by the change of external temperature is small, and under the outside high temperature when the surface temperature is lower than the ambient temperature, when the outside temperature is low, the temperature is higher than the ambient temperature under the surface of the earth. The battery should be avoided hanging on the solar LED street lamp pole as far as possible, so that the direct sunlight temperature is too high in summer and the cold temperature is too low in winter, which will affect the service life of solar LED street lamp battery.

5, pay attention to waterproof

The shell of the battery itself has waterproof function, and the design of the solar battery waterproof lead can also avoid water at the lead, but if the battery is soaked in water for a long time, the service life of the battery is still affected.

6. Pay attention to monitoring the voltage of solar LED street lamp battery

When the solar LED street lamp is not bright for several days in a row, the battery voltage should be checked. If the voltage is too low, it is lower than the cut-off discharge voltage controlled by the controller. When the voltage is below 10.8v, the battery is seriously overdischarged. This happens, to examine system problem, the solar panel is working correctly, the controller whether there is a problem, if no problem, other parts should be remove the lamp line, first by the solar panels under the control of the controller for the battery charge 5-7 a bolt of electricity, in the test battery voltage, if the voltage is normal, is connected to the cord, normal use. Avoid battery voltage is too low, not to regulate, and let the battery to die, so the battery is always charged with insufficient power, affect the service life of the battery.

In the use of solar LED street lamp, pay attention to the above points of reasonable use and maintenance, we can improve the service life of the battery. But this is just the ordinary use of the process needs to pay attention to the details, really improve the use of time is the key to the quality of the battery itself.