The LED light source

- May 23, 2019-

1.LED light source scenery of many enterprises, but because the good and bad of the enterprise technology, so the performance of the product is different, especially the brightness and light decline, service life difference is relatively big, the following is a high-power LED lamps and lanterns introduced to everyone in the selection of relevant products for reference.

Material is qualitative

Vacuum coated reflector; High purity aluminum reflector, lamp housing and radiator; High strength toughened glass cover; High-power LED light source; High efficiency constant current source.

Application places

Urban roads, sidewalks, squares, schools, parks, courtyards, residential areas, factories and other places requiring outdoor lighting.

The characteristics of

1. A single high-power LED (30w-100w) encapsulated with independent intellectual property rights is adopted as the light source, and the unique multi-chip integrated single-module light source design is adopted, and the imported high-brightness chip is selected;

2. The first integrated design of radiator and lamp housing. LED is directly connected to the housing, and the heat dissipation wing and air convection heat dissipation through the housing fully guarantee the 50,000 hours service life of LED street lamp. According to the calculation of 12 hours per day, its life is more than 10 years, the maintenance cost is very low;

3. The surface of the lamps is treated with uv and corrosion resistance, sealed with high temperature foaming silicone, effectively dust and water proof, and the overall protection of the lamps reaches IP65 grade;

4. Using single elliptical aluminum reflector and multi-curved vacuum coating reflector, the light emitted by LED is controlled within the required range, which improves the uniformity of light output and the utilization rate of light energy, and highlights the energy-saving advantages of LED street lamps. Compared with traditional sodium lamp, it can save more than 70% electricity.

5, no bad glare, no stroboscopic. It can eliminate the glare, visual fatigue and line of sight interference caused by poor glare of ordinary street lamps and improve the safety of driving.

6, start without delay, power up to normal brightness, no waiting, eliminating the traditional street lamp for a long time to start the process;

7. Green and pollution-free: no lead, mercury and other polluting elements, no pollution to the environment;

8. Combining with solar energy is a perfect partner, giving full play to the advantages of LED dc low-voltage work and energy saving and environmental protection, combining solar photovoltaic panels with LED light source, to achieve the best cost performance and high reliability for customers.