The LED garden light

- Aug 15, 2019-

LED courtyard lamp is a kind of outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns, the light source is to use a new type of LED semiconductor as a luminous body, usually refers to the outdoor road lighting lamps and lanterns is 6 meters, the main components by: LED light source, lamps and lanterns, light pole, flange, the foundation embedded parts of 5 parts, because the LED garden light its diversity, beautiful sex has the characteristics of beautification and decoration environment, so also known as landscape LED garden light. LED has the characteristics of energy saving and high efficiency. It is mainly used for outdoor lighting in urban slow lane, narrow lane, residential area, tourist area, park, square and other public places. It can prolong people's outdoor activities and improve the safety of property.


1. An LED is a semiconductor diode that has a very long life. When the flux is reduced to 80%, the lifetime reaches 50,000 hours. The service life of LED light halide lamp is 6000~12000 hours. The service life of high pressure sodium lamp is 12000 hours.

2. The basic structure of LED is a piece of electroluminescent semiconductor material, which is placed on a shelf with lead wires and sealed with epoxy resin around it to protect the inner core wires. Therefore, LED has good seismic performance.

3. The light color of white LED is better than that of high pressure sodium lamp. At the intermediate visual level, it is easier for the human eye to distinguish things in a high colour temperature environment than in a low one. The color rendering performance of white LED is much better than that of high pressure sodium lamp. The color rendering index of high pressure sodium lamp is only 20 right and left, while white LED can reach 65~80.

4. LED can achieve perfect dimming function. Due to the large working range of LED, its light output is proportional to the working current, so it can reduce the current method to dimming. In addition, due to the frequent switching of LED does not cause much damage to it, the dimming of LED can also be obtained by adjusting pulse width. By adjusting the duty ratio of voltage and working frequency, the luminous intensity of LED can be effectively adjusted.

5. In the optical system of the lamp, the LED light source has the smallest luminous flux loss. Different from traditional light source, LED is the light source of half space.

Competitive advantage

Although the LED courtyard lamp is still three times more expensive than the high-pressure sodium lamp, under the factors of comprehensive power consumption and maintenance cost, after two years of use, the total cost of LED courtyard lamp is almost equal to the high-pressure sodium lamp. Therefore, in the long run, the use cost of LED garden lights will be better than high pressure sodium lamps.

The efficient use of

LED has high luminous efficiency. The light efficiency of procureable LED has reached 100lm/W, which is much higher than that of energy-saving lamp, metal halide lamp and infinite lamp, and 10% higher than the high pressure sodium lamp commonly used in street lighting. Therefore, LED has become one of the most efficient light sources. It is only a matter of time before leds replace incandescent, fluorescent, metal halide and high pressure sodium light sources.

Technical problems

Many LED manufacturers and integrators with excellent technology do not know how to design a practical garden light, and the application department does not know the specific requirements. In addition to the high cost, the main problems faced by LED garden lamp products include: light source, heat dissipation and power system.