The LED Fill light

- Jul 08, 2019-

  1. LED supplement lamp is a kind of solid light-emitting device, also known as light-emitting diode. It relies on small current to drive semiconductor devices to emit light. It consumes little electricity and is stable and high, but its brightness is relatively weak. Less heat, good heat dissipation. Be sure to approach plants without burning them. Based on this feature, leds can be placed horizontally or vertically over plants, thus greatly reducing illumination loss and providing light efficiency.

  2. Leds are English light emitting diode (LED), LED the core part is composed of p-type and n-type semiconductor semiconductor light-emitting chip, to the LED p-n junction and the forward voltage, when the forward current through the wire on the LED chip, electronic will be to the p-type semiconductor area, electron and holes in the P zone compound, then issued in the form of photon energy, this is the principle of LED. Can make electrical energy directly into light energy, belongs to the cold light source, also known as semiconductor solid-state light source.

  3. The principle of

    A light used to increase the amount of light on the front of an object Complementary methods. This kind of supplementary light lamp is generally made of high brightness light-emitting diode (LED), which has the characteristics of stable operation, low heat, low energy consumption and long service life! As for the parameters, they are generally not clearly marked in such products.

    The so-called fill light lamp is to use a specific light projected to the illuminated object, directly or indirectly through the light to complement the purpose of a special lighting equipment. When used to stimulate photosynthesis in plants, it is directly supplemented by light; When used to improve the environmental illumination, improve the camera low illumination, is the specific lighting to shoot the scene, so that the camera can shoot good quality picture, is indirect to get the light complement. The light sources of supplementary light are LED, metal halide, fluorescent lamp, high pressure sodium, incandescent lamp, iodine tungsten lamp, xenon lamp (HID) and so on.

  4. features

  5. LED lights, waterproof and moisture-proof free use: store well in good weather, avoid direct sunlight; On rainy days, take it out to compensate for the light. Low labor intensity, simple operation, suitable for farmers to use.

    Leds can be freely combined according to different requirements of plants.

    LED fill light advantage

    Unlike fluorescent lamps, leds are free of heavy metal pollution and use a green light source, making them ideal for green production.

    LED lights are not easily broken and will not cause problems in collision. They are suitable for farm use.

    LED low energy consumption, can save the cost of light compensation.

    LED has a long service life. Theoretically, the service life of ordinary LED can reach 100,000 hours.

    Power factor :> 97%;

    Total harmonic distortion: < 15%;

    Node temperature: <90℃;

    Wavelength: blue 470nm red 630nm;

    (note: leds of any wavelength can be used according to specific requirements).