The hydroponic growth lamp is a plant fill light - can it replace sunlight?

- Mar 17, 2019-

The hydroponic growth lamp is a plant fill light - can it replace sunlight?

For the flower friends who have poor lighting at home, the use of succulent hydroponic growth lamps is an ideal way to increase the illumination of plants, but many flower friends have the doubt that plant hydroponic growth lamps are useful, here I am For everyone to answer, it is also based on my own experience.

The role of hydroponic growth lamps is clear to everyone. Here, everyone is reminded that the hydroponic growth lamp knows that it is a fill light, and some people say that this is the reason why he can't replace the sun. Then I want to say that in the absence of sunshine, the rainy days, the role of hydroponic growth lamps is to help hydroponic plants to supplement the sun, why not call the light, it is very simple, because it is not good to listen to professional, the product is generally They are all named after his superior characteristics, right.

Some friends say that hydroponic growth lamps are not effective. Let's not say that the method of using the fleshy hydroponic growth lamp is right, don't think that the hydroponic growth lamp is not fake. The fake hydroponic growth lamp can not only fill the hydroponic plants, but also burn the plants, so pick the led meat. Care should be taken when hydroponic growing lamps. Our Pantech technology's led lighting technology is a lever in the industry, and we have absolute confidence in our led hydroponic growth lights, as long as it is not broken, the warranty within two years.

What should be paid attention to when using led succulent hydroponic growth lamps?

The hydroponic growth lamp is not open for 10 hours indoors or for several hours at night, or 24 hours. The correct way to use it is to turn it on and turn it off within 2-3 hours. Plants also need time to work. In addition, the reflector is particularly important to provide refraction of light. There is also the distance problem. The distance requirements of various lamps and plants are different. You have to ask the professional manufacturers carefully, we will provide solutions for your patience professional.

Invention and application of LED hydroponic growth lamp

The difference between the use of LED hydroponic growth lamps and general LED energy-saving lighting products lies in the fact that LED energy-saving lighting is a biological lighting function. If there is no special need, it is only required as a lighting demand and aesthetic part. The general biological lighting requires lm. Lumens or point-to-point brightness lux lux or LED color temperature is the basic requirement of basic biological lighting, and it will emphasize lamp life, appearance or dimmable LED lights and even recently developed color-changing LED lights.