The advantages of LED lamp holder are explained in detail

- Jul 31, 2019-

The working principle of LED street lamp, the first integrated design of radiator and lamp housing, the LED is directly connected with the housing, and the heat dissipation wing and air convection heat dissipation through the housing fully ensure the service life of LED street lamp of 50000 hours. According to the daily work of 12 hours, its life is more than 10 years, maintenance costs are very low; The lamp shell is made of aluminum alloy, which can effectively dissipate heat and prevent water and dust. The surface of lamps and lanterns is treated with uv resistance and erosion resistance, and the overall lamps and lanterns reach IP65 scale.

The design adopts the single elliptic reflection cavity and the spherical isolated surface to control the light emitted by LED within the required range, which improves the average light output effect and the utilization rate of light energy, and highlights the energy-saving advantages of LED street lamps.


No bad glare, no strobe. Eliminate the dazzling glare caused by the ordinary street light, visual fatigue and line of sight interference, improve the safety of driving; Start without delay, power up to normal brightness, no need to wait, eliminating the traditional street lamp long start process; Environmental protection no pollution: no lead, mercury and other pollution elements, no pollution to the environment;

Combined with solar energy is an excellent partner, give full play to the advantages of LED dc low-voltage work and energy conservation and environmental protection, combined with solar photovoltaic panels and LED light source, to achieve the best cost performance and high reliability for customers.

Technical parameters

External size: 451.5mm×219mm×124mm;

Input voltage: AC 85V ~ 265V;

Frequency range: 50 ~ 60Hz;

Output working current: 2.7a;

Output working voltage: DC 12/24v;

Power factor (PF) : ≥0.9;

Total harmonic distortion (THD) : ≤20%;

Power efficiency: > 88;

The insulation resistance: the input and output > 20 m Ω;

Input-output voltage withstand: 2000V/ms 2mA 50HZ lmin;

Single LED luminous efficiency: ≥80lm/W;

Light flux: 8400lm ~ 12000lm;

Lamp efficiency % : > 90;

Center illumination (E) : height 6m 34 LUX 8m 25 LUX 11m 17 LUX;

Effective irradiation range: height 6m 20×8m height 8m 24×10m;

Relevant color temperature (CCT) : pure white 6000 ~ 6500K warm white 3500 ~ 5500K;

CRT: Ra≥75;

Light source: LED chip;

Speckle: asymmetric; Light beam Angle of rectangular ray: 65°;

Light source junction temperature (TJ) : 120℃ ± 10%(Ta25℃);

System thermal resistance (Rja) : 0.10℃/W;

Working temperature: -30 ℃ ~ 50℃;

Working humidity: 10% ~ 95%RH;

Storage temperature: -30 ℃ ~ 60℃;

Service life: > 50000 h;

Material of lamp body and lampshade: aluminum alloy and tempered glass;

Net weight: 10kg; Protection grade: IP65.