Street light control switch

- Jun 24, 2019-

The street lamp controller mainly controls the opening and closing of street lamps, supporting light control, time control, remote control, etc. Scientific switching on and off lights is also a kind of energy saving.

The principle:

Street lamp controller set electromagnetic technology, intelligent control technology, data control technology at an organic whole, intelligent adjustment under controllable and gentle way, make the output voltage stability between set rating range, street lamp controller to realize the public lighting system of the ideal combination of working current and brightness demand, to achieve power saving and optimization of power supply, street lamp controller power saving rate can be as high as 20% 40%, the protection of power system can make its longevity 3-4 times.

Street lamp controller mainly adopts imported components, and rarely USES active components. Through the perfect quality control in the production process, it guarantees the extremely high work safety of products, so as to ensure to provide users with more safe and reliable products and services with better performance.

The characteristics :

Functional features:

1. Adopt foreign advanced microprocessing chip, with high reliability, small error and strong stability

.2, with power failure data storage, clock uninterrupted work, no need to replace the battery, maintain the clock running for more than 10 years.

3. Calculate the switching time of longitude and latitude, and control it reasonably with the change of season, with the minimum step length of 1 minute.

4, LCD display year, month, day, hour and minute, and with backlight, convenient night observation and operation.

5. It has the function of number of ways to choose, which can be conveniently set as 1 way, 2 way or 3 way control.

6, working mode 0: the user sets the switching time, the lighting range is 12:00 to 23:55;Turn off the lights from 00:00 to 11:55.

7. Operating mode (1): latitude and longitude are adopted to control the switching time. The switching time of 2 channels and 3 channels can be set from 00:00 to 11:55.

8. Working mode (2): longitude and latitude control time: plus or minus 30 minutes.

9. Working mode (3): light intensity control switch on and off.

10. It has independent maintenance button to facilitate the maintenance of electrical equipment or the needs of major celebrations.

11. Strong anti-interference ability, able to resist the interference pulse with amplitude up to 2000 volts directly input from the power grid.

12. High power relay output, connected to 220v or 380v contactors, stable control, long service life.

Application :

 Lamp controller is widely used in municipal roads, highways, Bridges, tunnels, gardens, docks, sightseeing lights, sports squares, amusement places, advertising light boxes and other public lighting environments.Lamp type suitable for lamp controller: high pressure sodium lamp, low pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, high pressure mercury lamp, fluorescent lamp, etc.