Solar LED street lamp related knowledge

- Jun 18, 2019-

1.Battery components

1) inclination Angle design

In order for the solar cell module to receive as much solar radiation as possible in a year, we need to choose an optimal inclination Angle for the solar cell module.

The discussion on the optimal inclination Angle of solar cell module appears in many academic journals. The street lamp is used in changsha this time. According to the design reference to relevant literature, the inclination Angle of the bracket of photosynthetic solar cell module in changsha is 16o.

2) wind resistant design

In the solar street lamp system, the wind resistance design is one of the important structural problems. Wind resistance design is mainly divided into two parts: one is the wind resistance design of battery module bracket, and the other is the wind resistance design of lamp pole. The following two parts are analyzed respectively. Wind resistant design for solar cell components

According to the technical data of the battery module manufacturer, the windward pressure that the solar module can withstand is 2700Pa. If the wind resistance coefficient is selected as 27m/s (equivalent to a class 10 typhoon), according to the non-viscous fluid mechanics, the wind pressure of the battery module is only 365Pa. Therefore, the components themselves can withstand wind speeds of 27m/s without damage. Therefore, the key consideration in the design is the connection between the battery module bracket and the lamp pole.

In the design of this set of street lamp system, bolt rod is used to fix the connection between the battery module bracket and the lamp pole.

The anti-wind design of the street lamp post

The parameters of street lamps are as follows:

Panel inclination Angle A = 16o lamp pole height = 5m

The design will select the bottom weld width of lamp pole = 4mm outer diameter of lamp pole bottom = 168mm

The surface where the welding seam is located is the failure surface of the lamp pole. The calculation distance between point P and the line of action of the panel load F on the lamp pole is

PQ = [5000+ (168+6) /tan16o]× Sin16o = 1545mm=1.545m. Therefore, the moment of action of wind load on the failure surface of lamp pole M = F×1.545.

According to the maximum allowable wind speed of the design of 27m/s, the basic load of the 2×30W double lamp head changsha photosynthetic solar street lamp panel is 730N. Considering the safety factor of 1.3, F = 1.3×730 = 949N.

So M = F×1.545 = 949×1.545 = 1466n.m.

According to mathematical derivation, the moment of resistance of the annular failure surface is PI times 3r2 delta 2 delta 3.

In the above equation, r is the inner diameter of the circle, delta is the width of the circle.

Moment of resistance of the failure surface W = PI times 3r2 delta +3r delta 2+ delta 3.

PI × (3×842×4+3×84×42+43) = 88768mm3

= 88.768 x 10-6 m3

The stress caused by the moment of action of wind load on the failure surface is equal to M/W

= 1466/ (88.768×10-6) =16.5×106pa = 16.5mpa <<215Mpa

Among them, 215 Mpa is the bending strength of Q235 steel.

Therefore, as long as the welding quality can be guaranteed, there is no problem with the wind resistance of the lamp pole.

2.Bright lights throughout the year, rainy weather is guaranteed.

LED light festival energy, high luminous efficiency, unit W can produce 80LM or even higher luminous flux.

Good color rendering, pure white light, all visible light.

The other most important point is that it can be driven by dc, which is particularly important for solar energy, because the solar power is also dc, which can save the cost and energy loss of inverter.

Solar LED street lamps are powered by sunlight, which can be charged during the day and used at night. There is no need for complicated and expensive pipeline laying, and the layout of lamps can be adjusted arbitrarily, which is safe, energy-saving and pollution-free, without manual operation, stable and reliable, saving electricity and maintenance.

The system consists of solar cell module (including bracket), LED lamp holder, control box (with controller and battery) and lamp pole. The basic composition of

Solar LED street lamp mainly consists of solar cell module (including bracket), LED lamp holder, control box (with controller and battery) and lamp pole. Solar panel luminous efficiency reaches 127Wp/m2, with high efficiency, which is very beneficial to the wind-resistant design of the system; LED lamp head light source adopts single high-power LED (30w-100w) as the light source, adopts unique multi-chip integrated single-module light source design, and selects imported high-brightness chip.

Control box body with stainless steel material, beautiful and durable; Maintenance-free lead-acid battery and charge and discharge controller are placed in the control box. The system USES valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery, because of its little maintenance, it is also known as "maintainable battery", is conducive to the system maintenance cost reduction; The charging and discharging controller is designed with complete functions (including light control, time control, overcharge protection, overdischarge protection and reverse connection protection, etc.) and cost control, achieving high cost performance ratio.