Solar LED human body sensor lamp introduction

- May 30, 2019-

  1. Human body induction lamp is a new technology designed and developed by using infrared ray and pyroelectric principle to induct human body activity information, which is specially used to detect and induct human body activity information. When people or objects with temperature enter the sensor range of the module, the sensor module will output a high level pulse signal or high level delay signal. The output induction pulse or delay signal can directly drive LED light indicator and LED light.

  2. Function:

    Lighting can automatically open, after the people left can delay shut down automatically, eliminate the human waste of energy, prolong the service life of electrical appliances and integrating energy-saving and convenient security function, sensing head 21 mm diameter, Angle of 0 to 5 m induction induction distance: 120 ° load: 40 w (light bulb working voltage: 220 v working frequency: 50 hz delay range 0.5 min - 5 min toilet, bathroom, the elevator hall, etc.

  3. Matters needing attention:

    During installation, please install the smart lamp in the place where people often move (on the ceiling or wall) to improve its sensitivity and working range. Do not install on damp ceilings or walls. Disconnect the power supply before cleaning. Please choose a non-corrosive cleaner when cleaning. The chemical solvent that cannot use acidity or alkalinity in certain space after lamps and lanterns is installed, otherwise electroplate to lamps and lanterns or spray paint causes damage.

  4. Market prospect:

    With the rapid development of China's economy, the demand for energy is expanding day by day. The problem of energy shortage has become an important issue affecting the rapid development of China's economy. At the same time, driven by the huge potential of the international optoelectronic market, optoelectronic manufacturing industries in various countries are scrambling to invest huge sums of money to expand production and gain a place. China, the world's second largest energy consumer, is no exception.

    Compared with the booming international photovoltaic power generation, China lags behind the developed countries by 10-15 years, and even significantly behind India. Photovoltaic industry in China is rising at an annual rate 30%, the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing, as well as the national construction of new socialist countryside, tough and energy fell 20% in the next five years, the three provides an unprecedented opportunity to the solar energy industry, market capacity is very large, coupled with preferential policies of renewable resource development and utilization of the state has imposed, in this case, we have such a good industrial base, the whole society and the country as long as input a fraction can be output. Solar energy as a renewable energy to replace the traditional non-renewable energy will become an inevitable.

    At present, the market share of solar lamps in outdoor lighting is less than 20%. It is expected that after 2008, the market share of solar lamps in outdoor lighting can reach more than 10%, and it is expected to reach 20% after five years. Solar lamps and lanterns is currently the most environmentally friendly, the most energy-saving, the most easy to promote the new lamps and lanterns, the market prospects are self-evident.