Solar controller

- Jul 02, 2019-

Solar controller is applied in solar photovoltaic system, it is full name solar charge and discharge controller, coordinate the work of solar panel, battery, load, is a very important module in photovoltaic system. Make the whole solar photovoltaic system efficient and safe operation.

The solar street lamp controller is mainly used in the solar power supply system of home, business district, factory, transportation, pastoral area, communication and so on.


As a solar street lamp controller, it should have the following basic functions:

· overload protection

· short circuit protection

· reverse discharge protection

· reverse polarity protection

· lightning protection

· undervoltage protection

· overcharge protection

· load startup and recovery Settings

Maximum power point tracking (MPPT)


(1) 12/24v automatic identification;

(2) the efficient serial PWM charging mode extends the battery life and improves the system performance;

(3) power MOSFET is used as an electronic switch, without any mechanical switch;

(4) with wide applicability, automatic identification of day/night;

(5) LED digital function menu setting and display is concise and easy to use;

(6) the timing period of street lamps is adjustable from 1 to 15 hours;

(7) the unique two-period control enhances the flexibility of the street lamp system;

(8) comprehensive waterproof function design, the controller is suitable for damp, dust and other harsh environment;

(9) three types of lead acid battery charging procedures are optional: sealing, colloid and open type;

(10) using temperature compensation, automatic adjustment of charging and discharging parameters, improve the service life of the battery;

(11) the controller is equipped with automatic protection functions of over temperature, over charge, over discharge, overload and short circuit;

(12) automatic protection function of reverse connection of any combination of photocell and battery.

The characteristics 

1. Ensure constant current output of current

Because LED itself needs constant current or current limit by technical means, otherwise it cannot work normally at all. The general method of LED lamp is to add a drive power supply to carry out constant current of LED, but this needs to bring power loss, making it more power consumption with independent drive power supply, so this way is not very desirable.

2. Control the output period

The solar controller can set the time period, and the output current starts to work after the set time period.

3. Adjustment of output power

In the application of solar street lamp, the power is adjusted. Regulating power can control the brightness of LED lamp, such as the street lamp is adjusted to 30W in the early morning and 15W at night to save energy, so as to lock the current to not only meet the lighting demand at night, but also save the overall configuration and budget of battery and solar panel, and greatly extend the life of LED lamp.