On the development of landscape lighting industry

- Jul 15, 2019-

  In recent years, the popularity of urban landscape lighting, I think landscape lighting industry should have deep feelings, our project has gradually became the overall linkage projects from a single model, the original is dominated by the owners, is now a government-led, scale and from the millions or even tens of millions of up to several hundred million than billions, and the city is frequently billions. From simple lighting to tourism and urban beautification services, the current landscape lighting has become a key government project to benefit the people. This is a very typical phenomenon in the development of urban landscape lighting industry in recent years.

There is no doubt about the value of lighting, which includes social value, environmental value and economic value. First of all, xi has been talking about the happiness index since he took office. Lighting enriches people's night life experience and provides a safe living environment, which is a manifestation of the social value of improving people's livelihood. Secondly, lighting can be designed according to different psychological demands, environmental conditions and people's psychological expectations of the environment.

  For example, through a variety of control systems to properly control the changing needs, to meet people's demand for a beautiful lighting environment value; Light can also make use of the characteristics of space carriers to expand the time depth and scene width of resources, improve the efficiency of resources and give more value to space, thus highlighting the economic value of light. For example, at the current stage of the full swing of the cultural travel night, lighting is playing a crucial role in it.

  As the status of urban landscape lighting has been greatly enhanced, the role of lighting designers has been elevated to a new level. Lighting design involves many basic professional knowledge, more importantly, lighting designers use light to re-create the carrier professional workers. Lighting design needs to respect people and the environment, let the light just stay where it should be, when all the light gets along well with people and the environment, light expression carrier and space, so as to be able to depict a light and people and the environment of the dialogue map. Over the years, China lighting association has done some work in the training of lighting designers, and suggested lighting practitioners to learn more about lighting design.

  At the same time, I also realized that the improvement of professional quality of lighting designers is becoming more and more important. The starting point of design should not only be personal preference, but also to solve urban management or livelihood problems.

Value comes from being needed. The social, environmental and economic benefits of design should be balanced. Planners and designers should balance the needs of people's happiness and urban competitiveness.

  Design is definitely not a minority issue, not a pure work of art. Therefore, designers are not encouraged to appreciate themselves, let alone to impose their own aesthetic views on others.

As for the relationship between architecture, landscape and other visual elements and lighting, lighting designers must design on the basis of respecting the structure, environment and culture of the building itself, and sort out the relationship between architecture, landscape, facilities, advertising and other carriers, so as to achieve the harmonious coexistence between lighting and architecture.

  But building physical environment is the carrier of lighting art, lighting can complete quadratic deconstruction of the physical environment of buildings and deduction, on the basis of full investigation form systematic visual solutions, lighting designers need to run out of the story, it also means that lighting designers need to reposition multi-dimensional, multiple roles.

  At present, when landscape lighting develops at such a high speed, some projects also have various problems, such as too bright, too dazzling, disturbing people and difficult operation and maintenance, which need to be prevented, controlled and solved by industry practitioners in the process of planning, design and implementation.

  To encourage multi-level cooperation up and down the value chain, so as to avoid industrial overcapacity and serious waste of social resources.

  At present, the city as a big stage, the building into a television, this is a common phenomenon, this phenomenon can be said to let everyone have a little visual fatigue, there will be a thousand cities one side of the problem. Although the government needs to publicize positive energy through media facade, for urban lighting design, the premise of good use of light is to understand the demands and culture of the city, and the best one is suitable for urban characteristics. The feature of urban lighting is the feature of the city, and the lighting is only used to enhance and render and highlight this feature. Therefore, landscape architecture can adopt a variety of other lighting methods, such as projection and projection.

  The development of landscape lighting industry is in full bloom, and the sound of criticism is also constant. It is suggested that the industry practitioners listen to these criticisms carefully, especially constructive criticism, face these opinions with a grateful attitude, and seriously consider how to improve themselves and how to prevent risks, so as to jointly promote the development of the industry.

  Everything has a bottom line, such as using vulgar language to evaluate or spread, this belongs to smear, this is not criticism, we should reject, should resist any pull down the overall quality of the industry behavior. We need to take concrete actions to teach our young people by word and deed and leave them with a bigger and better future.