Light pole

- Jun 24, 2019-

Lamp pole, as its name implies, is the installation of street lamp pole, called lamp pole, can be divided into: iron lamp pole, stainless steel lamp pole, aluminum alloy lamp pole.At present, the situation in our country is that most of the main iron lamp posts.The lamppost is mainly made of Q235 steel.Lamppost welding is automatic sub-arc welding.The lamppost is treated with hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment.Lamppost spray should use high quality outdoor pure polyester plastic powder, color customers can freely choose.

The lamp light control switch adopts the advanced embedded microcomputer control technology, which is a multi-functional advanced time controller (time control switch) integrating light control function and ordinary time controller. According to the energy saving needs of users, the light control probe (function) and time control function can be enabled at the same time, which will achieve the best energy saving effect.It is the best energy saving control device for street lamp, landscape lamp, advertisement light box and neon lamp.Can be widely used in streets, railways, stations, waterways, schools and power supply departments and other applications need time control.

Functional features1, the use of imported embedded industrial hard package CPU, stable work, high reliability.

2, Chinese (English) LCD display year, month, day, hour, minute, second.

3. Both manual operation and automatic turning on and off light function, manual operation is convenient for independent maintenance, debugging or major celebration needs.

4, the control mode has the following three: can work alone or arbitrary combination of control, this is ET series of multi-functional controller one of the highlights - multi-functionalMode 1: ordinary time control mode, the user sets the time of turning on and off the light, and the range of turning on the light is 00:00 to 23:59;Turn off the light from 00:00 to 23:59.

Mode 2: in the light control mode, the time of turning on and off the light is controlled by the light control probe according to the light intensity set in advance.

Mode 3: light control time control mode, enabling mode 1 and mode 2 at the same time, light control priority is higher than time control priority.When the time is in the period of light control, the system adopts light control mode, otherwise it adopts time control mode.Can realize the day rain, fog lights weather lights, night lights off at midnight.The controller output is in parallel, and both modes can share the same port output.

5. Light control and time control functions can be turned on or off independently;

6. Light intensity control action point can be programmed and set arbitrarily: light intensity can be set freely;

7. Once the light control parameters are set, both the light control setting parameters and the light intensity value are displayed on the LCD screen immediately;

8. Light control output circuit can be defined arbitrarily: according to needs, any way or several ways can be specified in output 1-2 circuit for light control energy-saving output, which is a highlight of et10x.1 multi-function time controller -- flexible output definition;

9, the built-in two-level lightning protection circuit, enhance the reliability of equipment, strong anti-interference ability.

10. Assembly line production to ensure product quality consistency, "three-proof" processing circuit board, and higher reliability to adapt to harsh environment;

11. It can be equipped with batteries. When the standby battery is in use, no one will operate it to automatically shut down within 1 minute (to increase the service life of the standby battery).

12. Set up automatic data saving, and save time > for 10 years.

13. Output circuit: 1-2 circuits, each circuit can be programmed at any time during 4 periods14. Built-in switch power module, applicable to a wide voltage range of 85~265VAC.15, built-in rechargeable battery, more convenient to use.When there is no external power supply, automatic standby is operated by no one within 10s.