LED street lighting lightning protection, is it a storm in a teacup?

- Aug 08, 2019-

1.The necessity of LED street lamp lightning protection

Lightning strikes are electrostatic discharges that typically carry millions of volts from a cloud to the ground or another cloud. During transmission, lightning creates an electromagnetic field in the air that induces a voltage surge of up to 1,000 volts (or surges) to the power line and generates an induced current that travels for miles. These indirect attacks usually occur on exposed electrical wiring, such as street lamps, traffic lights, base stations, and other devices that emit a surge. Surge protection module is directly facing the surge interference from the power line at the front of the circuit. It transfers or absorbs surge energy, minimizing the surge threat to other working circuits, such as the ac/dc power units in LED lighting fixtures.

For LED street light, lightning surge is induced in the power cord on the road, the surge of energy will be produced in the wire a surge, the surge wave, surge is transmitted through this way of induction, the outside world to a surge wave, in the 220 v on the sine wave in a transmission line to produce a cutting-edge, this tip into the street lamp, for the LED street lamp circuit.

2.United States level 3 lightning protection standard

The reason why it is three grades is that the situation of landfall in the east and west of the United States is quite different. The high landfall area can reach 30 ~ 40 times, while the low landfall area only has 1 ~ Therefore, the standard of three grades is 6kV, 10kV and 20kV respectively. This is also to give manufacturers and local governments a flexibility, local governments can decide to use the corresponding standards according to the actual situation.

3. Lightning protection module

Although the lightning protection module itself can provide lightning protection for LED lights, it also has its own risks. When the lightning protection module aging, will occur in the internal overheating reaction, and even fire. That is to say, the lightning protection module will have the risk of fire at the last minute. Therefore, the safety of lightning protection module is a very important concept, the installation of lightning protection module is a concept, the installation of a safe lightning protection module is a further concept and challenge.

4. conclusion

With the arrival of intelligent age, intelligent street lamp has entered the practical application scene. Smart street lamps represent that street lamps can be turned on and off in the remote Internet of things, and the color and brightness of street lamps can be adjusted. Relatively speaking, with more and more functions of intelligent devices, the reliability should also be improved, and the safety issue is of vital importance. As for lightning protection, the function of lightning protection and safety should be satisfied at the same time.