LED street light drive power knowledge

- Mar 25, 2019-

LED street light drive power knowledge

First, the basic classification and application of LED power supply

Classified by output power: 0.4W, 1.28W, 1.4W, 3W, 4.2W, 5W, 8W, 10.5W, 12W, 15W, 18W, 20W, 23W, 25W, 30W, 45W, 60W, 100W, 120W, 150W, 200W, 300W, etc.

Classified by output voltage: DC4V, 6V, 9V, 12V, 18V, 24V, 36V, 42V, 48V, 54V, 63V, 81V, 105V, 135V, etc.

Classified by shape structure: PCBA bare board and shell.

Classified by security structure: isolated and non-isolated.

Classified by power factor: with power factor correction and without power factor.

Classified by waterproof performance: waterproof and non-waterproof.

Classified by incentive: self-excited and excited.

Classified by circuit topology: RCC, Flyback, Forward, Half-Bridge, Full-Bridge, Push-PLL, LLC, etc.

Classified by conversion method: AC-DC and DC-DC.

Classified by output performance: constant current, constant voltage and constant current and constant pressure.

LED drive power application:

Used for spotlights, cabinet lights, nightlights, eye lights, LED ceiling lights, lamp cups, buried lights, underwater lights, wall washers, floodlights, street lights, signboards, string lights, downlights, shaped lights Lights, star lights, barrier lights, rainbow lights, curtain wall lights, flexible lights, strip lights, lights, piranhas, fluorescent lamps, high pole lights, bridge lights, miner's lamps, flashlights, emergency lights, table lamps, lighting, traffic lights , energy-saving lamps, car taillights, lawn lamps, lanterns, crystal lamps, grille lamps, ramp lights, etc.

The led street light parameters are as follows:

1. The height of the street lamp is 6 meters. The material is Q235 steel plate. The whole set of hot-dip galvanized sprayed outdoor high-quality powder, using electrostatic coating new technology, mainly based on FP professional building materials coating, can meet the requirements of customers on the surface color and environment of the product. At the same time, the product has high self-cleaning property, strong corrosion resistance and aging resistance, and is suitable for any climatic environment. The processing technology is designed to be coated on the basis of hot dip galvanizing, which greatly improves the performance of the product and meets the requirements of the most stringent AAMA2605.2005. Other indicators have met or exceeded the relevant requirements of GB. More than 50 years of service life

2, the light source is LED, the lamp beads are imported chips, super bright, high luminous efficiency (110-120cm/W), low light decay (20,000 hours less than 16%), high-power LED street light source, special light distribution design, life More than 50,000 hours