LED street lamp shell

- Jun 25, 2019-

  • LED street lamp shell is made of aluminum alloy die casting, beautiful appearance, itself is made of aluminum alloy die casting, fully solve the problem of high power LED heat dissipation.

  • Features:

    The lamp body is made of high quality tempered glass, which has good light transmittance, dustproof and waterproofing, and a full set of stainless steel tight parts.

  • Principle:

    The LED lamp is installed on the heat-conducting substrate. The heat generated by the LED lamp is firstly transferred to the heat-conducting substrate, and then the heat is transferred to the thin-wall cavity radiator through the heat-conducting substrate. Inside the lamp shell, the thin wall cavity type radiator fin is used. The air in the radiator fin cavity flows from the low end to the high end along the cavity when it is heated, and the heat in the cavity is quickly brought out. At the same time, the outside surface of the radiator is in direct contact with air, dissipating heat; The heat sink wall is thin, heat is not easy to accumulate in the plate.

  • Warm white light, also known as GDE, is a kind of LED street light color, with environmental protection and pollution, less power consumption, high light efficiency, long life and other characteristics.

    As for road lighting, there has been a debate between the "yellow light group" and the "white light group". "Yellow light school" is the representative of the high pressure sodium lamp, because of economic energy saving, fog penetration and good performance, so it has become the mainstream of our street lamps. Color reduction ability is poor yellow light inherent defects. The early representative of "bai guang school" is the quartz metal halide lamp, whose color performance ability is more than 3 times higher than that of yellow light, but it has not been applied on a large scale due to difficult technical problems.

    Now, the white light group is likely to have a new representative - warm white light. Warm white light is close to the performance of sunlight, so it can give passers-by a warm heart feeling; Also because of better visibility, it is easier to distinguish the color characteristics of the road and surrounding environment in warm white light, ensuring the safety and comfort of road driving.

    The core advantage of warm white light is that it is more efficient and USES less electricity. The same street lamps use at least 10 percent less electricity and 40 percent less carbon dioxide than yellow lights. Therefore, it meets the requirements of environmental lighting and green lighting.

    The concept of warm white light, first proposed by philips, has been widely used in the United States, Britain, Belgium, Norway and other countries.

    Since the beginning of 2006, philips lighting and fudan university have carried out scientific research and analysis on the project of introducing the system into China. The warm white light road lighting system has been installed and tested in caoxi north road and qipu road in Shanghai. The test results show that the lighting effect remains the same and the electricity consumption of street lamps in caoxi north road has been reduced by half. Most of the interviewees on qipu road think the light is more comfortable and they are more willing to stay here, which adds more business opportunities to the commercial district.