LED street lamp market warming, road lighting penetration increased

- Jul 30, 2019-

The investment in LED market is recovering, and related industries are recovering. The manufacturing industry is gradually eliminating low-end excess production capacity and promoting the development of technological and environment-friendly industries. The change of street lamp market is an example.

Traditional road lighting is dominated by high-voltage sodium or halogen lamps, and LED street lamps occupy less than 30% of the market share. On the other hand, the society is not fully aware of LED lighting, and the desire to replace street lamps is not very strong.

Although there are many difficulties in the development of LED street lamps, the market space is huge.

With the development of LED lighting industry, LED street lamp is in constant upgrade, in previous years, LED lights and the difference between ordinary street lamp is used for light source is different, and now, the value of a street lamp got greater release, as one of the most densely populated city public facilities, street lamp can not only provide road lighting, can also through the light pole carry multi-function module, realize "intelligent street lamp", provide convenience for people to travel services.

Solar led street lamp equipment is simple and convenient, no need to lay cables like ordinary street lamps, such as a large number of basic projects, only need to have a fixed base, all the lines and control some are placed in the lamp to form a whole. Lamppost and battery assembly integrated planning, wind resistance ability, internal control skills. Generally, the nominal life of LED can reach 100,000 hours, but the solar street lamp system is composed of solar panel, battery, controller, lamp pole and light source, among which the life of solar panel is 25 years, the life of battery is three to five years, and the life of solar street lamp controller is two to five years.

With the progress of The Times, solar energy has been widely used, especially in solar led street lamps. He holds up the responsibility of lighting for people, making the dark night full of vitality under the illumination of solar street lamps.