LED solar street lamp

- May 22, 2019-

  1. LED solar street lights with solar radiation as energy, using solar panels to convert solar energy to the battery to charge during the day and night to use LED light source power supply lighting, battery without complex and expensive pipeline laid, can be arbitrary adjust the layout of the lamps and lanterns, safety and energy saving no pollution, no manual work is stable and reliable operation, saving electricity maintenance free.

  2. Product introduction

    Energy is an important guarantee for social and economic development, and vigorously developing renewable energy is the main way to solve the energy crisis. With the improvement of people's living standards, the enhancement of environmental awareness, the attention to human sustainable development and physical health, expanding the human demand for pollution-free, environment-friendly and energy-saving lamps.

  3. advantages

    ⑴. LED solar street lamps use solar photovoltaic cells to provide electricity. As a kind of green and environmental protection new energy, solar energy is "inexhaustible". Making full use of solar energy resources is of positive significance to easing the shortage of conventional energy resources.

    ⑵.The installation of LED solar street lamps is simple and convenient. It is unnecessary to lay cables and other basic works like ordinary street lamps.

    ⑶. Low cost of operation and maintenance of LED solar street lamps. The whole system is operated automatically without human intervention and has almost no maintenance cost.


    (1) dispersion: although the total amount of solar radiation reaching the earth's surface is large, the energy flux density is very low. On average, near the tropic of cancer, when the weather is relatively sunny in summer, the solar radiation has the maximum irradiance at noon. If the annual average day and night, only about 200W. In winter, it is only about half, and only 1/5 on cloudy days, so the energy flux density is very low. Therefore, in the use of solar energy, in order to get a certain amount of converted power, often need a considerable area of a collection and conversion equipment, the cost is high.

    (2) instability: due to the limitation of natural conditions such as day and night, season, geographical latitude and altitude, as well as the influence of random factors such as sunshine, overcast, cloud and rain, the solar irradiance reaching a certain ground is both intermittent and extremely unstable, which increases the difficulty for large-scale application of solar energy. Continuous and stable in order to make solar energy, and eventually be able to compete with conventional energy alternatives, it is necessary to well solve the problem of energy storage, namely the sunny during the day the sun radiant energy stored as far as possible, for the night or rainy day, but the energy storage is one of the relatively weak link in solar energy utilization.

    (3) low efficiency and high cost: some aspects of the development level of solar energy utilization are feasible in theory and mature in technology. But some solar installations, because of low efficiency, high cost, in general, the economy can not compete with conventional energy. In a considerable period of time, the further development of solar energy utilization is mainly restricted by the economy.