LED plant lighting LED light source development new direction

- Aug 07, 2019-

Due to the lack of comprehensive talents and high cost input, LED plant lighting has not been industrialized and can only be targeted at the high-end market.

Investors are bullish on accelerating market growth

From the perspective of global market, LED plant lights are mainly sold in Japan, South Korea, the United States, Europe and other countries and regions with less agricultural personnel. At present, there are many LED plant factories abroad, which can realize the mass production of plants.

LED lighting not only USES 40% less electricity than fluorescent lighting, but also improves harvest by adjusting the wavelength of light.

Plants can photosynthesize for up to 16 hours a day, but the limited amount of natural light they get slows them down. If the LED lamp is used to continuously provide light to plants and replace natural light with LED light, the ripening period of vegetables can be shortened by one third as soon as possible, and the yield can be increased.

The factory seedling industry alone provides a huge consumer market for LED light sources. The export of seedlings alone reaches nearly 10 billion plants per year, and the annual domestic consumption is even greater. If LED is used to replace traditional light sources in the factory seedling breeding, the one-time total market size will reach 200 billion yuan.

It is not difficult for talents to become key technologies

At present, the market model of domestic plant lighting is based on the cooperation between enterprises and academy of agricultural sciences, that is, scientific research institutes find some professional LED plant lighting enterprises, and we jointly formulate some standards for product development.

At present, the domestic LED plant lamp market is still in its infancy, and the application in the field of plant growth still has some problems, such as high cost and weak light penetration. Agricultural lighting lamps and lanterns also have problems such as disorderly products, nonstandard production design, lack of unified product standards and quality management.

LED plant lighting technology is not very difficult, the key is the lack of biological training knowledge and LED technology comprehensive talents. LED plant lighting technology and production process, and general lighting no difference, the key is the choice of chip spectrum.

Take the largest plant lighting lamps in the current application market as an example, although the red and blue LED beads are mainly selected according to the plant requirements. Yang guoqing said, in fact, many LED plant lighting enterprises can do it. As long as they understand the relevant bands of sunlight needed by plants, then go to the market to buy chips of similar bands, package and assemble, they can make LED plant lighting products.

Although the relevant chip technology for plant lighting has been mature, different plants have different requirements for light irradiation and different living environment, which requires enterprises to have a deep understanding of different plant spectra, living conditions and cultivation environment, which is what many enterprises are confused about at present.

In view of the problem of talents, many large international factories, with the support of policies, choose to cooperate with scientific research institutions to set up laboratories or plant factories. But for domestic companies, the investment is too large and the cost too high.

At present, the cooperation between some enterprises and agricultural research institutions is basically to discuss relevant technical issues, rarely involving the stage of experimental application. However, most small and medium-sized enterprises' investment in plant lighting is only limited to the independent research and development of a few plants, such as tomatoes and Chinese cabbage. They use LED lights to illuminate the relevant plants simply.

High prices are mainly used at the high end of the market

At present, however, LED plant lighting is mainly used to grow high-end products with high market price, such as marijuana and mustard. Such products have high cost, fast return and high profit. Not only that, LED can also realize the control of plant growth rate, which can prolong the flowering period of flower plants, make cash crops free from seasonal restrictions, and accelerate the results.