LED plant growth lights as gardening supplies advantage

- Aug 06, 2019-

LED light can simulate specific spectral components of sunlight, which has been widely recognized by the botanical community.

Have learned, in the plant kingdom, the dominant is a green plant, put in all the photosynthetic oxygen, the chlorophyll in leaf body has two absorption peaks to the sunlight, respectively is near 440 nm blue zone and near 680 nm red zone, one is located in the blue area, an area in the violet light, for in 500-600 nm green light absorption is very few, so the plant basically all we see is green.

LED chips emit light only, providing plants with the specific red and blue wavelengths they need to grow, so they are extremely efficient. The wavelength of 440-490 nm is blue light, which can promote the growth of green leaves. The wavelength of red light is 600-700 nanometers, which is helpful for flowering and fruiting and prolonging flowering period. Purple light and ultraviolet light with wavelength between 300-440 nanometers are the main light energy that promotes the formation of pigments in plants, and directly affects the absorption of phosphorus and aluminum, the formation of vitamin D, cuticle, and the accumulation of dry matter.

During the growth and development of vegetables, they only absorb red orange light and blue violet light from the sun, and the utilization rate of light energy is very low. Therefore, the traditional planting mode is greatly affected by the natural environment. But LED plant growth lights can adjust the spectrum according to different kinds of vegetables and different growth stages of vegetables. Lettuce, for example, doesn't grow too high when it's first planted, so there's more blue light than red. Lettuce, on the other hand, needs more red light and less blue light in its later stages of growth, when the leaves are growing.

As a plant lighting source, LED can be widely used in many fields such as facility cultivation, tissue culture, plant factory, etc. It has many advantages such as promoting plant growth, regulating plant morphology, energy conservation and environmental protection. Among them, the plant factory set of modern biological technology, information technology, artificial environment control, and other high technology into an organic whole, not only yield higher than that of cultivated land many times, but also in the gobi, desert, island, the water even in urban building production of arable land, is also considered the future effective to solve the problem of population, resources, environment and other technical means.

According to China electronic news, the output value of LED plant growth lamps has been growing rapidly since 2013.