Led lighting application development

- May 27, 2019-

LED lighting applications in the past for the architectural landscape lighting is given priority to, such as garden lamps (Path light), the searchlight (Floodlight), ladder lamp (Step towns), balcony lamp, etc., accounting for 43% of the whole LED lighting market in the 2008, but growth has emerged in this field is slow, the future of the emerging growth area, outdoor applications is that the LED street lamp, its growth potential should not be ignored, as the global street lamp installation lamp that number has reached 180 million, and China, the United States and other countries more active adoption of this type of street lamp.

Indoor application is the fastest growing retail display lighting, the growth rate will remain above 50% in the next three years. As for highly anticipated home lighting,

Since the average daily use time of household lighting is about 4.3 hours, the benefit created by energy-saving features is limited due to the insufficient use time. We can only expect LED bulbs/lamps to significantly improve the luminous efficiency and guide the rapid reduction of the cost of bulbs/lamps, so as to popularize them to ordinary families.

Introduction to industrial LED lighting

Suitable for: warehouse, cable trench, roadway and special occasion lighting.

Performance characteristics:

1. It adopts the fourth-generation green environmental protection, high-power white LED solid-state light source, with high luminous efficiency and a service life of up to 100,000 hours, which can realize long-term maintenance-free; Humanized product design, customers can choose suitable working voltage according to different lighting places;

Low energy consumption, power consumption is only 20% of the same luminous flux incandescent lamp;

2. Wide voltage design, more convenient to use;

3. LED anti-glare lamp shade is adopted to make the light softer without glare, which will not cause eye fatigue of operators and improve work efficiency; Good electromagnetic compatibility will not pollute the power supply;

4. The shell is made of light alloy material, which is wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, waterproof and dustproof;

5. The transparent parts are made of imported bulletproof adhesive materials with high light transmittance and good impact resistance, enabling the lamps to work normally in various harsh environments;

The general situation

The characteristics and performance improvement of white LED have been introduced above, and the development of white LED light applied in various occasions, but the LED light is difficult to enter the home. This is not a production problem, the main reason is that the luminous efficiency of white LED lighting is not too high, and the price is too expensive, making it difficult for ordinary people to accept. Compared with the price of incandescent lamps and energy-saving fluorescent lamps commonly used in families and white LED lamps with the same brightness, the unit price of 1W white LED is 8 ~ 10 yuan, and that of 3W is 20 ~ 25 yuan (related to the quality and brand of LED). In addition, drive circuit and structural parts are also required. Taking into account the manufacturer's profit and commercial profit, the unit price may be more than 120 yuan.

LED lighting in where the white LED lighting promotion and popularity of the significance is very important, but really to enter the home of millions of people in our country still have a lot of work to do. The promotion and popularization of white LED lighting is a system engineering and a major project, which needs national planning, guidance and support, as well as policy and economic support. China has established four semiconductor lighting bases and related scientific research units in Shanghai, nanchang, dalian and xiamen, which will play an important role in the promotion of LED lights. Although LED lighting is still difficult to enter the home, but there are many areas can be widely used LED lighting. The application of these fields can promote the production of high-power white LED, promote the improvement of technology, and reduce the production cost. In LED lighting design, application can also get more experience, conducive to the future promotion. These application areas are large users of electricity, power saving can play a great role. They are :1. Street lighting systems for urban streets (including solar street lighting systems); 2. 2. Tunnels and underground car parks (including underground shopping centres); 3. Lighting of vehicles (internal and some external lights of automobiles, trams, ships, airplanes, etc.); 4. LED lighting system for large public places, such as railway stations, subway stations, airports, supermarkets, department stores, buildings and hospitals, etc.; 5. LED lighting project in no power zone. Because LED floodlights generally use low-voltage dc (constant current) power supply. If 220V ac power supply is adopted, a special transformer is required to output low-voltage direct current (such as 12V, 24V, etc.) and the LED driver will drive the LED lamp, as shown in figure 3. Therefore, it is better to consider the use of LED lights when building these new buildings, and include them in the architectural design, which is much more economical. However, if the lighting system of fluorescent lamps used in the original buildings needs to be transformed into LED lighting, the reconstruction will cost a lot and take a long time (such as transforming the lighting system of a subway station or a waiting hall). New LED lighting power supply system needs to be more complicated than traditional lighting power supply system, and the cost is much higher. It is difficult to succeed without policy support and economic support.

LED lamp application is a comprehensive technology application, it involves the LED, solar cell, battery, AC/DC converter, LED driver and other fields of technology. However, the key technical problem is that LED's luminous efficiency is not high enough and production cost is not low enough. It could be years before LED lights reach homes.

China's lighting market has a huge capacity, including lighting, lamps and light sources, with a market value of 500 billion yuan in 2015. In the view of the person in charge of the photoelectric enterprise, the current LED terminal price continues to fall, the profit also shrinks, and the creation of intelligent lighting is a new growth point of the industry. Industry insiders roughly estimate, "in the next few years, China's LED light source market size will exceed $100 billion. At present, the penetration rate of domestic intelligent lighting market is less than 2%. The application of products is mainly reflected in the future smart home lighting, intelligent road lighting, intelligent corridor lighting, intelligent underground garage lighting, intelligent public area lighting and other markets will be greatly expanded. Even at a 20 percent penetration rate, there are hundreds of billions of yuan of market space to explore. Incandescent lamp has been withdrawn from the market, and lighting lamps have undergone several reforms. Especially in the environment where China and even the whole world vigorously advocate energy conservation and emission reduction, new technologies and new products have gradually refined the lighting field and made it more professional and more in line with the actual needs. Intelligent lighting has become the development trend of LED industry. Users can set scene lighting according to their own needs, so as to control the color and brightness of LED lights to meet the lighting requirements of different occasions. A single intelligent configuration and some adjustable light products can occupy more than 46% of the market share. Not only that, through sensors, LED has a "perception", according to the surrounding environment can adjust the brightness. 2013 is a key year for the development of LED industry, and the LED industry will present an explosive growth stage from 2014 to 2015.