Led light controller

- Jun 26, 2019-

I.Product introduction

Intelligent light controller, also known as programmable light controller, that is, the light program of the controller can be modified according to the needs of the user, such as modifying the speed, time, pattern, synchronization and asynchrony of the light flashing. And has good expansibility, can according to the user's needs for the combination of multiple control board synchronous, asynchronous operation to achieve higher requirements. This controller adopts the stable and reliable 51 single chip microcomputer as the hardware control core, and is equipped with the upper computer software edit and modify the light, download the program, and upgrade to the computer USB interface communication, greatly improving the convenience of the controller to use. In the supporting software can be easily edited, under the transmission of the good control program (i.e., lighting patterns), and has a unique software preview function, convenient to modify, debug lighting effects... A single controller can make the combination of 8 output ports on and off to achieve the desired effect, and multiple control boards can be combined to control more controllable ports (currently, the maximum can be 24 channels, and technology expansion will realize more controllable channels). Now most similar products on the market of traditional lighting controller, light program fixed group shall not modify or only a few select, less output port, general 3 -- 5, 8, 13, function less, flashing mode of the single, can't control how length of flashing, flashing light movement machine-made, and so on a series of reasons, to make the lights of the products are not new. This control system can solve these problems conveniently and simply, with low cost and more competitive market. Now the controller software has been modified, upgraded and improved for three times, making it more convenient to use and more user-friendly. We will serve our customers well.

II.Hardware technology

1. The controller hardware is mainly divided into two parts

1). Core signal control board, referred to as core board or motherboard, is used to download data storage program and run data program.

2). Power output board, referred to as power board or sub-board, is used to receive signals sent by the mother board and output power to achieve the purpose of controlling lights.

2. This controller has three types of controllers with different output ports: 8 way,16 way,24 way output port, the price of the controller is different from the output port, the user can choose according to the usage.

3, this controller USES computer software programming, through USB download program to the controller to update data, safe and reliable.