LED landscape lighting control integrated intelligent control system

- Jun 20, 2019-

The integrated intelligent control system of LED landscape lighting management and control includes two parts: equipment supervision and intelligent control. The monitoring of field equipment mainly realizes intelligent control of lighting circuits and lamps, anti-theft, online fault diagnosis and alarm. Intelligent control of LED landscape lighting is a key part different from other integrated management and control systems. Intelligent control strategy can fully reflect the advantages of LED in landscape lighting, and is an effective means to realize the design ideas of landscape lighting designers.

1 equipment monitoring

1.1 installation location of intelligent controller/driver

The integrated control system is equipped with intelligent controller at the line terminal. According to the actual requirements, the intelligent controller/driver is installed at different locations:

A. One intelligent controller/driver is responsible for the monitoring, anti-theft and data transmission management of one/more circuits, multiple lighting devices. This scheme is suitable for places with many lighting equipments and relatively concentrated lighting equipments.

B. Install a smart controller/driver for each light fixture. It can automatically monitor unexpected events such as protection trip, line fault, voltage fluctuation and abnormal switch control, and timely upload alarm data to the monitoring center through the communication module inside the controller, so that the staff on duty can timely understand the situation and deal with it. This scheme is suitable for the places where the lighting equipment is small and relatively scattered.

1.2 anti-theft problem

Anti-theft is a major problem facing landscape lighting projects, landscape lighting facilities are mostly in the outdoors, the flow of people around, to the anti-theft work brings great difficulties. And the intelligent controller of the line terminal of the integrated control system can easily play an anti-theft role:

A. Designed anti-dismantling switch for lamps and distribution boxes, monitored and detected electrical signals through intelligent controller, and linked with alarm.

B. Glass breaking vibration switch is designed in the lamp, which monitors and detects electrical signals through intelligent controller and linkage with alarm. In addition, it can also monitor through the remote video monitoring system to establish a system combining remote monitoring and personnel patrol.

2 intelligent control

The energy-saving control of LED landscape lighting is mainly embodied in the intelligent control, and the following functions are realized through the communication between the intelligent controller and the monitoring center server.

2.1 turn on and off lights automatically

A. Work out the light on/off schedule according to the local longitude, latitude and seasons. The intelligent control system of landscape lighting strictly switches landscape lighting according to the schedule.

B. Intelligent monitoring: switch on and off the lights according to the illuminance value detected by the photoelectric sensor. The control mode is flexible, creating a gorgeous night scene atmosphere in real time without manual intervention, and saving energy at the same time.

2.2 dynamic automatic dimming

After the lights are turned on, video image processing technology is used to process video monitoring images on site. The flow of people is calculated by the computer in the monitoring center, and the dimming control of landscape lighting is carried out according to the flow of people.

2.3 dynamic scene transformation

Set different landscape lighting scenes, automatically switch corresponding scenes according to different dates and times, set a variety of holiday scenes, changing the effect at regular intervals. Dynamic scene transformation is automatically completed by the scene control unit. The monitoring personnel only need to monitor through video in the monitoring center, or they can switch to manual operation mode to realize the switch of landscape lighting scene by manual operation.