Led landscape lamp features

- May 28, 2019-

LED landscape light is a decorative light that USES LED as the light source. It is ornamental and illuminating, and more energy saving and longer service life than traditional light source.

1.Features: LED landscape lamps are simple in shape, reflecting the design concept of popular lighting posts; Using digital color light tube, through the intelligent digital controller to achieve color chase, scanning, gradient and flicker and other changes, with a strong environmental impact.

2.Material specification:

Lamp body for iron/aluminum products or high quality stainless steel or steel body hot galvanized after electrostatic spray

Spray outdoor powder on the surface

Fastener screws and nuts are made of iron/stainless steel

Technical parameters

Lampshade is acrylic or imported PMMA material

Light source: energy saving lamp or high brightness LED light source

Protection level: IP54, IP55, IP65.

3.Production process:

Zinc spray treatment, stainless steel polishing treatment

Applicable places: public places, squares, commercial pedestrian streets, parks, villas, green belts, hotels, etc.

Note: the lamp must be safely grounded during installation.