Led garden lights as a representative of new energy is deeply loved by the majority of users

- Mar 21, 2019-

Led garden lights as a representative of new energy is deeply loved by the majority of users, more and more occasions began to use led garden lights, but the best products are to be maintained, led garden lights are also the case, then how to maintain What is the maintenance method of led garden lights?

The following small series will tell you about the knowledge of led garden light maintenance.

Because the led garden light does not need wiring, the maintenance will be relatively simple. One of the main contents of the daily maintenance of the led garden light is to clean the interior of the lighting. Before cleaning the led garden light, the led garden light should be extinguished, and the solar energy can be The light bulb inside the lamp is taken down to wipe the dust. Wiping off the dust will make the lamp brighter. It is also necessary to ensure the surface of the battery board is clean. The cleaning process must be moderately strong. The cleaning and maintenance of the led garden light can extend its service life. To prevent corrosion.

So what about the maintenance of led garden lights? LED garden lights are used in the community, the densely populated places in the park, very close to people's lives, so the maintenance of led garden lights can not be led on the led garden lights, such as drying cotton Be. It is not possible to switch the led garden lights frequently. The opening and closing of the led garden lights is particularly large, which greatly affects the service life of the led garden lights. When adjusting the lampshade daily, care should be taken to avoid the phenomenon that the trigeminal bracket in the lamp will block light when it is lit.

Ok, this is Xiaobian today want to share with you the knowledge about the maintenance and maintenance of led garden lights. The led garden lamp is so good that we need to take good care of it and maintain it. It can work for us well, if it is violent to it. If you use it, the quality of the led garden light will be damaged very quickly. The maintenance and repair of the led garden light is so simple. I hope our users will get started quickly!

The original led garden light has entered our sights with the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, electricity saving, safety and reliability, but now, because of the greed of some unscrupulous merchants, the LED garden light is such a sunrise industry full of countless hidden rules. .

Usually the regular factory factory led garden lights in the late stage is almost no maintenance, there is no need to spend the cost of this repair. However, it is understood that many merchants now pull the price of led garden lights very low and low, one price is worth the price, so their quality is not too good, causing some buyers to buy back the led garden lights, one year The failure rate is as high as 20%, even less than a year, all the lights are not bright, such a number, people are scared, and people will feel that this is a solar waste project, greatly reducing people Trust in led garden lights.