LED explosion-proof, anticorrosive and dust-proof lamp

- Jun 28, 2019-

LED explosion-proof, anticorrosive and dust-proof lamp is mainly applicable to area 20, 21 or 22 of combustible dust environment. The temperature group is t1-t6 dangerous places. It is used as illumination in the circuit with ac voltage of 220V.

Product introduction:

LED explosion-proof, anticorrosive and dustproof lamp

LDRG01) LED explosion-proof, anticorrosive and dustproof lamp main application scope: anticorrosive and dustproof lamp is mainly applicable to combustible dust environment area 20, 21 or 22, temperature group t1-t6 dangerous places, in ac voltage 220V circuit, as lighting.

Product features:

1. The lamp USES LED light source and consumes very little power;

2. Professional LED drive power supply is adopted to make LED work more stable, with longer service life and wide voltage design to avoid power damage caused by high voltage and improve safety factor;

3. Long service life, LED service life can reach more than 50,000 hours; It is 5-10 times of other light sources;

4.LED light source is highly efficient and energy-saving, with low power. The same illuminance can save 80% of electricity than traditional light source, and the same power is 5-7 times higher than traditional light source, which is the best choice for energy conservation;

5.LED is safe and reliable: low power, low heat, will not cause excessive external temperature of the product, causing gas explosion;

6. Green: leds are made of non-toxic materials, unlike fluorescent lamps, which contain heavy metals such as mercury.

7. Stamping aluminum shell, independent design and development, the appearance is delicate and beautiful, high-tech spraying treatment, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, water resistance and dust; Exquisite structural design, expand the heat dissipation space, reduce the temperature rise and improve the service life of the light source;

8. Adopt professional light distribution system to make the lighting more bright and clear;

9. Protection grade: IP65;

10. Ultra-white tempered glass, better light transmittance, higher illumination and stronger impact resistance;

This product adopts unique design, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, dustproof, shock resistance, shock resistance, heat resistance, good sealing.

Main technical indicators:

1. Dustproof performance: dustproof type, in line with national and industry standards;

2.IP level: IP65;

3. Working environment: -20-+60 ° c;

4. Power supply: ac80v-260v, 50HZ;

5. Power specification: 50W/100W;

6. Service life: no need to replace the light source after 4-5 years of use;

7. Color temperature: 4000-6000k;

8. Electricity saving, 80% less than ordinary lamps.