Led courtyard lamp

- Jul 11, 2019-

1.Led courtyard lamp is the present domestic most of the urban lighting lighting use with a landscape lighting, decorative effect, with the current domestic led chip technology maturity and wide application, led garden light increased use of the park, the community, villas, private clubs, such as field, and led courtyard lamp light source is stable, no preheating, long life and other advantages, will replace the original energy-saving lamps in the future designs city-lighting type landscape lamp, etc.

  LED courtyard lights, which use LED as light source, are ornamental and illuminating, and more energy saving than traditional light source, with longer service life and easier maintenance. Compared with other conventional lamps, led outdoor patio lights have simple and fashionable appearance, which can reflect the concept of lighting characteristics of the design. Through the use of LED light source for product control, intelligent digital controller to achieve color lighting effect, with a strong environmental impact.

  Led courtyard lamp configuration requires different shapes and styles of lamps to be designed according to different occasions. Led courtyard lamp lampshade generally USES acrylic parts, and less glass parts. Because of acrylic easy maintenance replacement and other characteristics. The product is treated by spraying zinc and polishing stainless steel.


(1). Intelligent light control, no wiring, charging during the day, natural lighting at night, energy saving and safety; High-tech products, camping, landscape, decoration, lighting are all good choices!

(2). Equipped with the intelligent human body induction function, PIR senses that the trigger light is on, and the light will be off after the delay setting time after the person leaves (power-saving standby mode).

(3). Energy saving and environmental protection, no electricity charge, no wiring, easy installation, wide range of lighting. Suitable for outdoor lighting, courtyards and areas without electricity; Through the light control design circuit control can automatically light up at dark, dawn automatically off the light charge.

(4). During the day, the solar charge during the night, the super-long light lasts for about 8 hours, and a single integrated high-power SMD lamp bead has high brightness, good color rendering and no fading of the light. Waterproof, moisture-proof and super durable, suitable for courtyard, garden, large advertising signboard projection, residential street lighting, energy saving and environmental protection, do not need electric power lamp. Two years of warranty, lifelong maintenance; Once used, the whole life benefits.