LED corridor lamp

- Jul 01, 2019-

1.LED corridor lamp is a kind of corridor lamp, using LED light source, efficient energy saving, green environmental protection, strong stability, lower failure rate, longer life. Gradually replace the traditional incandescent lamp and the voice control lamp holder.


Infrared (voice control), light control, intelligent control in one of the products, during the day under the light control, the lamps and lanterns in the closed state; According to the night

When the degree is lower than the set value, the light control will be turned on. When someone walks (or makes a sound), the light will be automatically turned on and turned off in time


(1) high efficiency, energy saving, highlighting: ≤ 4.5w, equivalent to ordinary 40W~60W incandescent lamp (20W energy-saving lamp);

(2) special packaging technology increases the illumination amplitude, without the defect of small illumination Angle (flashlight effect) of ordinary LED, and uniform illumination.

(3) infrared induction: eliminate the noise required by the sound control lamp (stomping, clapping, whistling... ), and greatly improve the accuracy of light control, not by the environment manic noise interference, abnormal sound (firecrackers, car sound... (don't miss the action. Induction Angle ≥140? , induction distance ≥5M, continuous trigger without interval, no jitter;

(4) light control function: do not turn on the light when the lighting meets the needs.

(5) microsecond light switching response, repeated switching does not affect the life of LED lamps.

(6) stability: an efficient and reliable constant current source ensures the stability and longevity of LED light source.

(7) wide voltage: AC70V~260V adaptive, DC11V~60V adaptive, suitable for the needs of areas with large voltage fluctuations.

(8) adaptability: the test works normally at the ambient temperature of -20℃ ~ 60℃.

(9) color rendering: color rendering ≥70 Ra, and the intermediate color temperature gives comfortable lighting.

(10) reliability: the all-solid light source has strong anti-vibration and impact performance.

(11) long service life: LED service life ≥ 50,000 hours, greatly reducing labor and material costs of lamp replacement.

(12) no pollution: the general fluorescent lamp contains mercury and other harmful substances, while the LED lamp adopts semiconductor technology and does not contain any harmful substances. It is a veritable green light source.

(13) self-setting of parameters: users can adjust light sensitivity, infrared (voice control) sensitivity, delay time and other parameters by simply plugging and unplugging jumper wires (or adjustable devices).

(14) networking function: any infrared sensor lamp is triggered, and other lamps connected to the network are lit at the same time. Especially suitable for underground garage, public building main road and other parts, quietly energy saving under the premise of maintaining the original use function.

4.Use place

A) solar photovoltaic lighting system;

B) lighting of public passageways such as building corridors and walkways;

C) underground garage, library, museum, exhibition hall, supermarket and other large environment to supplement lighting;

D) hotel, hospital, residence and other porch, kitchen, toilet, storage room and changing room lighting;

E) train, car, ship, tent and other battery power supply places.