Introduction to LED landscape lights

- May 28, 2019-

I. introduction of LED landscape lights

LED landscape light is a decorative light using LED as a light source, which can be viewed and illuminated, and is more energy saving than traditional light source, with longer service life. The LED landscape lights with Chinese knots are hung on both sides of the road during the festival, which is a unique scenery of Chinese festivals no matter in the day or at night.

Ii. Features of LED landscape lights

1. LED landscape lights are simple in shape, reflecting the design concept of popular lighting posts;

2, using digital color light tube, through the intelligent digital controller to achieve color chase, scanning, gradient and flicker and other changes, with a strong environmental impact.

3, the domestic LED landscape lights, generally with Chinese knot Chinese elements.

Iii. Material description of LED landscape lights

Lamp body for iron/aluminum products or high quality stainless steel or steel body hot galvanized after electrostatic spray.

Spray outdoor powder on the surface.

Fastener screws and nuts are made of iron/stainless steel.

Lampshade is acrylic or imported PMMA material.

Light source: energy saving lamp or high brightness LED light source.

Protection level: IP54, IP55, IP65.

Iv. Production technology of LED landscape lights

Zinc spray treatment, stainless steel polishing treatment

Applicable places: public places, squares, commercial pedestrian streets, parks, villas, green belts, hotels, etc.

5. Matters needing attention of LED landscape lights

1. When installing LED landscape lights, the lamp body must be safely grounded.