Introduction to courtyard lamp components

- May 27, 2019-

1.Component is introduced

The courtyard lamp is mainly composed of five components, which are:

The light source

Light source is an important part of all lighting products, according to the different illumination requirements, can choose different brands, different types of light source, the common light source is: incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, fluorescent lamp, sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, ceramic metal halide lamp, and new LED light source. Characteristics of each light source:

1. The incandescent light bulb

Incandescent luminescence refers to the visible photoelectric radiation produced by the thermal excitation of atoms. Incandescent lamp USES the principle of incandescent luminescence, let the current through the vacuum tungsten wire, tungsten wire heating up to incandescent after the visible light. The color temperature of the ordinary incandescent lamp is 2800K, which is yellow and warm compared with the natural light color. Advantages and disadvantages of incandescent lamps: low cost, easy to use and installation. Suitable for frequent switching, low impact on lamp performance and life.

Advantages and disadvantages of incandescent lamps:

Short life, low luminous efficiency. The visible radiation emitted by incandescent lamps is generally less than 10% of the electric energy, and most of the energy is converted into infrared radiation, generating a lot of heat. In addition, the ultraviolet radiation that incandescent lamp gives out is higher also, can cause the fade of illuminate article.

2. Fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps

Fluorescent and energy saving lamps are low pressure mercury vapor arc discharge lamps, usually long tubes with one electrode at each end. The lamp contains low-pressure mercury vapor and a small amount of inert gas, and the inside surface of the lamp is coated with phosphors. Fluorescent lamps are divided into straight fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps. The straight tube fluorescent lamp can be divided into preheating start, quick start and instantaneous start, and T12, T8 and T5 according to the lamp tube. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLS) were developed to replace the power-hungry incandescent lamps (CFLS). Ordinary incandescent lamps have a lifespan of only 1,000 hours, and CFLS typically have a lifespan of 8,000-10,000 hours.

Advantages and disadvantages of fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps:

The main advantage of fluorescent lamps is their high luminous efficiency. A typical fluorescent lamp emits visible light equivalent to about 28% of the input electricity. The geometry of the tube, filling gas and pressure, phosphors coating, fabrication process, ambient temperature and power frequency will all have an impact on the luminous efficiency of fluorescent lamps. The color of the light emitted by a fluorescent lamp is largely determined by the phosphors applied to the inner surface of the tube. The color temperature of different fluorescent lamps varies widely from 2900K to 10000K. According to the color can be roughly divided into warm white (WW), white (W), cold white (CW), daylight color (D). Under normal circumstances, warm white (WW), white (W), daylight color (D) fluorescence lamp color performance is general, cold white (CW), soft white and senior warm white (WWX) fluorescence lamp can provide better color performance, senior cold white (CWX) fluorescence lamp can have excellent color performance. The light that fluorescent lamp gives out is dispersive, not easy focus, because this is used extensively, compare downy illume, resemble next shoot, on shoot floodlight illume, working illume, downy key illume.

3. Sodium lamp

Also known as high pressure sodium lamp is discharge lamp by sodium vapor discharge light. Luminous efficiency is particularly high, long life, good adaptability to the environment, all kinds of temperature conditions can work normally.

Advantages and disadvantages of sodium lamp:

Sodium lamp specifications and large size; Light color, is an uncomfortable yellow and white cold light; The color rendering index of ordinary high pressure sodium lamps is only 23. Therefore, the common high pressure sodium lamps are mostly used in the fields that require high luminous efficiency and service life, such as road lighting, but have low requirements for light color and color rendering. There is also a kind of improved high color rendering high pressure sodium lamp, with warm white light color, color rendering index can reach more than 80% of the high color rendering. This kind of lamp can be used at revealing illume domain, energy-saving effect is apparent.

4. The metal halide lamp

Also known as metal halide lamp is a kind of high pressure gas discharge lamp, the basic structure is a transparent glass shell and a high temperature resistant quartz glass arc tube, between the shell and the inner tube into nitrogen or inert gas, the inner tube filled with inert gas, mercury vapor and metal halide. The basic working principle of metal halide lamp: enter the work state, metal halide vapor diffusion to the arc arc heart, under high temperature is dispersed into metal and halogen atoms, the metal atoms emit visible light, to participate in discharge when the metal atoms and halogen atom diffusion to electrical isolated tube outer wall area, the composite metal halide.

Advantages and disadvantages of metal halogen lamps:

The biggest advantage of metal halogen lamps is high luminous efficiency and long life. Due to the different structure of the lamp body and the filled metal halides, the luminous efficiency, color temperature and color rendering of metal halide lamps vary greatly. Although poor metal halogen lamp luminous efficiency, but poor color rendering; The light color that good metal halogen lamp gives out is close to the white of natural light, the vision feels comfortable, chromogenic sex is better also. Metal halogen lamps are not designed to be lit immediately and take about five minutes to warm up to achieve full brightness output. After a power outage, it takes 5-20 minutes to cool the bulb before restarting. Metal halogen lamps are sensitive to fluctuations in the power supply voltage, which can cause changes in light color when the power supply voltage changes above or below the rating by more than 10%. And different working position also can affect the color of the light and lamp life.

Ceramic metal halogen lamps

Ceramic metal halide lamp is a kind of metal halide lamp which USES translucent ceramics as arc tube. It is a new high quality lighting source which combines the ceramic technology of quartz metal halide lamp and sodium lamp.

Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic metal halogen lamps:

Due to the ceramic tube can withstand higher temperature, the chemical properties are very stable, so the ceramic metal halogen lamps have the advantages of higher luminous efficiency, long life, more stable light color in the life, small size, excellent color rendering, Ra>80. And ceramic tubes filter out most of the ultraviolet radiation, reducing the discoloration caused by lighting. In view of these advantages, ceramic metal halogen lamp is becoming an important light source in display light efficiency design.

6. LED

Also known as light-emitting diode (LED), it is a new type of light source that directly converts electric energy into visible light by using the principle of field luminescence through semiconductor diode. Electroluminescence is the phenomenon of luminescence due to the interaction of an appropriate substance with an electric field.

Advantages and disadvantages of LED LED leds:

As a new type of semiconductor light source, led has the following advantages compared with traditional light source: long service life and up to 100,000 hours of luminous time; The startup time is short and the response time is only tens of nanoseconds. Strong structure, as a solid solid structure, can withstand strong vibration and impact; It is a kind of energy-saving light source with high luminous efficiency and small energy consumption. The illuminant is close to the point light source. The directivity that gives out light is very strong, do not need to use reflector to control the illuminate direction of the light, can make it thin lamps and lanterns, apply to the circumstance that does not have too much installation space. It is generally believed that led is the fourth generation light source after incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and high voltage discharge lamp. With the development of new materials and fabrication techniques, the performance of leds is improving and their applications are becoming more and more extensive.

Lamps and lanterns

More than 80% reflector, more than 90% light transmittance of the light mask, a higher IP level to prevent the penetration of mosquitoes and rain, but also with a reasonable distribution of light shade and internal structure to prevent glare affect the safety of pedestrians and vehicles. Wire cutting 2, lamp bead welding 3, lamp board making 4, lamp board testing 5, coated with heat conducting silicone grease 6, fixed lamp board 7, welded wire 8, fixed reflector 9, installed glass cover 10, fixed plug 11, connected power line 12, testing, aging 13, inspection, labeling 14, packing and warehousing.

Detailed steps of lamp production:

Cut the wire to make a wire, take 1.0mm? Red and black copper core multi-strand wire, each section 6 40mm, both ends of the strip head 5mm, and dip tin. Make lamp board lead, take yc2x1.0mm? Two core wires, 700mm at a section, 60mm at the inner end, 5mm at the brown end, tinned; Strip the head of blue wire 5mm, dip tin. The outer end is stripped of the outer skin for 80mm, and the brown wire strip head for 20mm; Blue wire stripping head 20mm.

1) the thread length and stripping head size shall be strictly consistent.

2) do not hurt the inner wire when peeling the outer wire of user wire.

3) peel the head and dip the tin evenly and smoothly. Weld lamp beads, make lamp plate take aluminum substrate, flat on the work table, in the range of lamp beads icon evenly appropriate amount of heat conduction silicone grease. Take the lamp bead, see the positive and negative pole, stick it on the lamp bead icon. Use soldering iron and tin to weld the positive and negative leads to make lamp board.

Key notes:

1). Positive and negative poles should be recognized.

2). The lamp bead should be placed properly and close to the aluminum substrate to avoid the hole position of the reflective cover.

3). The amount of heat conducting silicone grease should be moderate (about 0.1mg for each lamp bead), and the coating should be uniform. Be careful of silicone grease contaminating lamp bead surface, surrounding objects and human body.

4) bright, full and free of burr. Test lamp board 45V dc power supply, identify lamp board positive and negative poles, power test. 45V dc power supply, illuminometer, multimeter.


1) pay attention to safety and prevent electric shock.

2) identify the positive and negative poles. Apply heat conducting silicone grease.

3) the dosage should be moderate (about 0.03 g), the coating should be uniform.

4) be careful to contaminate lamp surface, surrounding objects and human body with silicone grease. Fix the lamp boards coated with silicone grease to the bottom of the lamp housing one by one, and make the two screw holes of each lamp board align with the corresponding fixing holes of the lamp housing. Tighten with M3X5 round head cross stainless steel screws.

5) the lamp board shall be installed in the same direction and arranged neatly to avoid uneven or gaps in the reflective cover.

6) tighten the screws. Welding wire take the wire, red line to the positive pole, black line to the negative pole, with a soldering iron all lamp board in parallel welding method. Take a good lamp plate lead, red line to the positive pole, black line to the negative pole, with a soldering iron soldering tin end in the middle of the lamp plate, the other end along the lamp shell edge led to the lower end of the plug. The wiring is smooth. Bright, full and free of burr. Fix the reflector cover take the reflector cover, put it on the lamp board, aim at the fixed hole, and let the lamp beads all expose the circular hole of the reflector cover, tighten it one by one with M3X12 stainless steel round head cross bolts. : do not touch the surface of the reflector by hand. Reflective cover surface smooth, seamless. . Cut waterproof silicone strips at both ends of the glass cover. The length is 2CM longer than the long side of the glass cover. Use tweezers and a small slotted screwdriver to press the tape into the grooves on either side of the lamp housing, leaving 1CM at each end. Stretch both ends of waterproof adhesive strip respectively with two people, another person takes vitreous cover face to go up insert groove, cut both ends redundant adhesive strip.

7) when pulling the rubber strip, the force should be even and moderate, not too hard, to prevent breaking.

8) do not directly touch the glass surface with your hands. Install the plug, take the M5X20 stainless steel hexagonal bolts, and put them into the waterproof bolt apron. Take the upper plug and the corresponding waterproof rubber pad, align them with the corresponding fixed hole, and fix them on the lamp housing with the inner hexagon bolt with a good gasket. Take the waterproof head, insert the lead wire of the lamp board, and tighten it with its own nut. Remove the lower end of the plug and the corresponding waterproof rubber pad, and use the 14-17 fork wrench to install the waterproof head. Align with the corresponding fixed hole position and fix it on the lamp housing with the inner hexagon bolt with a good gasket. M5 hexagon wrench, 14-17 fork wrench connected to the power cord. Test and aging AC220V power supply, measure brightness and illuminance (pay attention to irradiation distance and range), and test several times to see whether it conforms to industry standards, enterprise standards and customer requirements. Normal, power 24 hours aging, otherwise return to maintenance.

9) pay attention to electricity safety to prevent electric shock.

10) average test data

11) the aging time shall be at least 24 hours for inspection and labeling.

12) overall inspection of product appearance, function parameters and safety parameters.

13) the qualified label shall be pasted on the specified part and in the same direction. Put the qualified courtyard lights into the inner package (hard transparent plastic bag), buckle the foam box and put it into the carton. Packing list, specification, certificate, warranty card. Cover the cartons with tape. Label the cartons with the product name, specifications, quantity and date of production; Stamp the inspection seal. Put in storage, storage environment ventilated, dry, room temperature is about 20 ° C, moistureproof, anticorrosive, mouldproof, rat.

14) the surface of the package shall be clean, free from stains, dust and other handwriting.

15) the outer packing should be strong enough to facilitate long distance transportation.

16) the labels are clear and clear, convenient for storage and counting by users.

17) safe storage.

Light pole

Main material of courtyard lamp pole is: equal diameter steel tube, opposite sex steel tube, equal diameter aluminium tube, cast aluminium lamp pole, aluminium alloy lamp pole. The diameter of the commonly used have, 60, 76, 89, Φ Φ Φ Φ 100, 114, 140, 165, Φ Φ Φ according to different height and the place, the selected material thickness is divided into: wall thickness, wall thickness, wall thickness 3.0 3.5 2.5. (the above is the normal size)

Production process: 1, blanking 2, bending 3, welding 4, repairing and polishing 5, shaping 6, trimming 7, mounting 8, welding 9, opening 10, welding 11, electrical 12, locking 13, bending 14, galvanizing 15, spraying 16, inspection 17, delivery

Detailed steps of light pole production:

1. Cutting

1.1 before cutting, first adjust the slant of the slitter to match the required vertical scissors ruler.

1.2 set the steel plate placement position to ensure the maximum size of the remaining materials, so that the remaining materials can be used.

1.3 the length and size shall be guaranteed by opening time, and the size of wide bottom shall be no more than 2mm. General: 0-2m. Small head with negative tolerance, -2-0mm size adjusted, by the cutting adjustment machine, automatic cutting machine.

1.4 equipment: the opening shall check the running condition of the rolling shear equipment, remove the sundries on the track, and keep the equipment in good running condition.

2. Bending. Bending is the most critical procedure in the production of light pole. The quality of bending directly affects the quality of light pole and cannot be repaired after bending is formed. Specific notes are as follows:

2.1 before bending: firstly remove the cutting slag of the sheet material to ensure that there is no cutting slag crushing the mold during bending.

2.2 check the length, width and straightness of the sheet metal, the unstraightness shall be less than 1/1000. If the unstraightness meets the requirements, the correction shall be made. In particular, the unstraightness of the polygon pole shall be guaranteed.

2.3 increase bending depth of the bending machine and determine the position of sheet metal.

2.4 draw lines on the sheet correctly, and the error is 1mm.

2.5 correct alignment and bending to minimize pipe joints, and the height and bottom of both sides shall not be more than 5mm.

3. Welding. During welding, straight welding shall be carried out on the bent pipe joints. Submerged arc welding is adopted for automatic welding, mainly because the welder should have more responsibility. The welding position should be adjusted at any time to ensure the straightness of welding seam.

4. Repair and polish. Repair grinding is to repair the defects of the tube billet after automatic welding. The repairer shall conduct inspection one by one to find the defective places and conduct repair welding. After the repair welding is completed, the repair and grinding shall be carried out. The repair and grinding joints are basically the same as the automatic welding seams.

5. Plastic. The shaping process includes the straightening of the light pole and the round and polygonal diagonal dimensions of the two ends of the green pole. The general tolerance is < 2mm. The straightness error of the bar is no more than: 1.5/1000.

6. Keep up. The whole process is to smooth both ends of the bent tube blank to ensure that the pipe mouth is perpendicular to the center line and there is no Angle and height unevenness. At the same time, the end surface is polished after being smoothed.

7. Bottom plate mounting. For spot welding of bottom flange and rib plate, the key is to ensure that the bottom flange is vertical to the lamp straight center line, the rib plate is vertical to the bottom flange, and at the same time, it is flat to the lamp straight bus line.

8. Weld the bottom flange and reinforcement plate. Welding requirements refer to the national standard welding process, ensure the quality of welding seam to be beautiful, no porosity, slag inclusion.

9. Open the door. In the process of work, must be bold and careful (1) first to see the drawings to determine the direction of the door, and then according to the size of the drawings positioning. Size includes: up and down, left and right, and the size of the door frame, plasma cutting to be careful, to ensure a straight line cutting, while cutting off the door and lamp match with the word welding.

10. Welding door strip, electrical strip and lock seat. When welding the door strip 20mm wide, extend 8-10mm down, especially when the door strip should be close to the light pole, welding should be firm. Welding electrical appliances and lock seat, mainly in accordance with the drawings set position, lock seat welding in the middle of the door, error 2mm, maintain the above level, can not exceed the lamp pole.

11. The bending fork. Bending fork process and open the door has the same nature, should be bold heart. First pay attention to the direction of the door, second pay attention to the starting point, the third fork Angle, traction speed can not be fast or slow, to ensure that the yield of 100%.

12. Galvanized. Galvanization stand or fall affects the quality of lamp pole directly, galvanization asks to execute galvanization by national standard, the surface after plating is smooth, do not have chromaticity, cannot have flow to hang, flow hangs serious lamp pole to must be born to return plating afresh.

13. Plastic spraying. The purpose of plastic spraying is one is to beautiful, two is to prevent corrosion

13.1 polishing: smooth the surface of the galvanized pole with a polished grinding wheel to ensure the smooth and smooth surface of the pole.

13.2 straightening: straightening the polished light pole and shaping the mouth shape, the unstraightness of the light pole must reach 1/1000, the diameter requirement: small rod 1mm; Growing plus or minus 2 mm or less.

13.3 install door

13.3.1 all door panels shall be galvanized, including zinc hanging, zinc leakage and zinc deposit in the lock hole.

13.3.2 when drilling screw holes, the electric drill must be perpendicular to the door plate, the clearance around the door plate should be equal, and the door plate should be flat.

13.3.3 after the screws are fixed, the door plate shall not become loose and shall be firmly fixed to prevent it from falling off during transportation.

13.3.4 plastic powder: spray the light pole with the door into the spraying room, spray the color of the plastic powder according to the production plan, and then into the drying room. The temperature and holding time of the drying room must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the plastic powder to ensure the adhesion and smoothness of the plastic powder and other quality requirements.

Factory inspection. Delivery inspection shall be carried out by the quality inspector of the factory. The delivery inspector shall inspect the products one by one according to the items inspected by the light pole. The inspector shall keep records and keep them on file at the same time.

15. Bind up and deliver the goods.

15.1 bandaging according to customer needs

15.2 the warehouse shall handle all the formalities before shipment together with the financial department. The quantity, weight and amount of the products shall be settled according to the contract. The goods can only be delivered after the financial department issues the departure order. The doorman can only go out with the exit certificate.


Flange plate is an important component for yard lamp pole and ground installation. Courtyard lamp installation method: garden light before installation, need according to the manufacturer to provide standard flange size, use the M16 or M20 (commonly used specifications) screw welded into a cage, and then in the installation location, the excavation, appropriate size of the hole, the foundation cage placed among them, the level of correction after using cement concrete casting based on fixed cage, 3-7 cement concrete fully solidified in the future, can install garden light. (note: when pouring the courtyard lamp base, it is necessary to draw out the embedded pipeline).

Installation steps:

Installing a courtyard lights, opened the package, check the integrity of garden light, referring to the product specifications, assembling and wiring, the general steps of: open the lamp shell, installation of the light source and form a complete set of electrical appliances (electric wiring reference manual), the lead by threading hole leads to the bottom of the light pole, and then put the lamp holder and lamp post links, pay attention to tighten the fastening screws, and then put the garden light based embedded parts screw alignment, flange and vertical stand. Then tighten the mounting nut after leveling with nut or pad.

Yard lamp circuit wiring:

After the installation of the garden lamp, the wiring can be carried out according to the instructions and electrical specifications. It should be noted that the wiring shall be grounded. Generally, ground terminals are reserved for the garden lamp to ground the lamp and eliminate potential safety haza