Introduction of LED landscape lights

- Aug 14, 2019-

Introduction of landscape lamps. Landscape lights are essential for our evening activities. Landscape lights are mainly used outdoors, including roads, streets, courtyards and other places. So what are the types of landscape lights? Landscape lights mainly include: street lamps. Smoke lanterns (cherry blossom lights). High pole lights. Buried lights. Lawn lights (stainless steel turf lights). Let's have a look at the introduction of these lights.

1) wall lamp

Wall lamp: wall lamp has beautiful appearance, simple and elegant lines. Design is various, form is diversiform, find a place for commonly in village, park, perhaps on stigma, have appreciation sex extremely. It is easy to install, maintain and consume less electricity. The lamp source is generally energy-saving lamps. Material is generally stainless steel, aluminum products, iron products. Lamp body surface electrostatic spraying. The lamp body is usually welded with flat iron. The lamp body after electrostatic spraying, the surface is bright and clean, bright color, brightness uniformity, with strong anti-corrosion performance requirements. The installation is usually fixed with four screws, with enough force to fix it properly.

(2) to shoot the light

Spotlights are used like flashlights, usually outdoors. Indoor use also has, because breed is different, so utility is different also.

(3) wall lamp

Wall lamp is indoor adornment lamps and lanterns, the sort of wall lamp and style are more, the glass chimney that USES ivory more commonly. Bulb power is much in 15-40 watts or so, the light quietly elegant harmony, can adorn the environment elegant, rich, especially suitable for a newly married bedroom.

(4)Project-light lamp

A luminaire that illuminates a specified surface with a higher intensity than the surrounding environment. Also known as spotlight. Typically, it can aim in any direction and has a structure that is unaffected by climate conditions. It is mainly used for mining, building outline, stadium, overpass, monument, park and flower bed. Accordingly, the large area illume lamps and lanterns that USES outdoors almost all can regard as cast light lamp. The beam Angle of the casting lamp varies from wide to narrow, ranging from 0° to 180°.