In the process of street lamp procurement, many buyers have such doubts,

- Mar 20, 2019-

In the process of street lamp procurement, many buyers have such doubts, why can't find a uniform quotation on your website. In fact, for street lights, each system configuration is different, so manufacturers can not make a unified offer for users. In many cases, it is necessary to design the configuration of the street lamp according to the customer's needs. There is no way to unify the street lamp price of the natural manufacturer. Price inconsistency is caused by the following reasons:

First, the price caused by the configuration is different

During the installation of the street lamp, it will be affected by the climate factors of the installation site, so the street lamp system configuration in different regions is different. The configuration of the street lamp system is uneven. Some street lamp systems have high configuration and some have low configuration, which makes it difficult for manufacturers to make uniform offers. Therefore, the street lamp manufacturer will give the member an approximate system quotation, and the user can accurately make the overall street lamp quotation after the user determines the specific configuration.

Second, the price caused by production technology is different

For different street lamp manufacturers, the difference in production technology will also lead to different manufacturers' quotations for street lamps. Although different manufacturers have little difference in the production price of street lamps, the difference in production technology will cause differences in the quality of street lamps. Therefore, when purchasing LED street lights, it is best to go to the factory for a site visit.

Seeing is believing, so that the quality of street lamps can be guaranteed to the greatest extent.

Therefore, in order to determine the purchase price of the street lamp, when the street lamp system is configured, some detailed street lamp parameters must be told to the street lamp manufacturer, the manufacturer can prepare the street lamp that meets the requirements, and the street lamp can be installed under the condition of ensuring the quality.

With the vigorous development of the new countryside, urban and rural roads have been replaced with new energy solar street lights. The installation of new energy street lights has brought many conveniences to people. However, as time goes by, solar lights have also appeared some lights are not bright, then share the main reasons and maintenance methods for everyone:

1. Possible faulty parts:

(1) Lamps, lamp bead problems, welding line problems

(2) The battery and the battery are aging, resulting in no charging and no discharging.

(3) Solar controller,

2, the solution:

(1) First check if the terminals of the lamp are loose.

(2) Measure the battery power. If it is lower than 11v, the controller is in the protection state and the lamp is fully charged before use. If it is higher than 11v, the controller is faulty and the controller needs to be replaced.

(3) Remove the LED light source, connect it to the battery or DC12v power supply to see if the light works normally, pay attention to the positive and negative poles, the light does not light, it means the LED light is faulty, need to replace the LED