How to do if the solar street light is not bright, how to repair the solar street light

- Mar 24, 2019-

How to do if the solar street light is not bright, how to repair the solar street light

In recent years, solar energy-saving street lamps have gradually entered cities and rural areas. Their simple installation, beautiful appearance, wind power generation and solar energy do not consume the power of the grid, which has attracted the attention of the people and has been praised as “a street lamp”.

After several years, what is the actual use effect? According to our investigation and actual observation, rural areas generally have more serious problems such as high failure rate, high noise, low light intensity, serious man-made damage, and untimely maintenance. Many wind turbines and complementary energy-saving street lamps above the fans either do not turn, or "free and loose" chaos, its solar panels are also dusty servants, the effect is not ideal.

So what is the cause of these "light messengers" failures, can not let out the light? How should we repair?

1, the problem of the battery. If the lighting time is short and the battery storage capacity is reduced, the battery should be replaced;

2, LED light source problem. The solar street lamp bead is not fully lit. In addition to the quality problem of the LED light source itself, it is a welding problem. It should be replaced in time to replace the lamp bead or to solder the lamp bead or directly replace the lamp cap;

3, the installation of solar street lights, the sun is not enough, can not be stored in the battery is also a big problem. Solar street light systems suitable for such locations should be found to meet lighting needs.

4. The line connection is poor, the battery is fed, and the stored energy is reduced, which will cause the light to flicker. Replace or repair the bad contact area in time.

5. The whole lamp does not light up. First of all, first check if the controller is in the water. If it is not the problem of the controller, it is measuring whether the battery has voltage and the voltage is lower than 10.8V. If not, then look at whether the battery has voltage, if Change the panel without voltage.

In summary, the solar street light is a complicated system, which requires professional personnel to find the cause and solve the problem on the spot. Professional matters are handed over to the professional solar street lamp manufacturers. Our company is a professional manufacturer of solar street lamps, and has solar street lamp accessories all the year round. , can be shipped at any time, there are a large number of technical installation personnel, you can go to the site to repair and install.

Many tourist attractions can be played not only during the day, but also at night. The street lamps must be indispensable. Many scenic spots will be built on the mountains far from the city, so it is not convenient to use the city lighting. However, the solar street lamp itself can be charged by solar energy in the daytime, and the electric energy is discharged during the night to perform lighting work. Therefore, in places where electricity is inconvenient in the suburbs or mountains, the solar street lamp is a good companion for scenic lighting.

After the solar streetlights are installed in the scenic spot, there will be no scenes of pollutants in the air, so there is no pollution to the scenic environment. An important reason why many scenic spots can attract a large number of tourists is that their environment is natural and beautiful, and green and healthy. Natural scenic spot installations are environmentally friendly and green solar street lights are very suitable.

In addition, the scenic spots are very wide in area, and the number of people is not as much as in the urban area. If the street lamp itself has dangers such as electric leakage or fire, it will inevitably form a potential threat to tourists' sightseeing, and the general street lights present such questions. It is time. Therefore, solar street lights are more suitable in the scenic spot, and basically will not affect the safety of tourists, and will not cause losses to the scenic spots. If the power consumption of the scenic spot is insufficient, solar street lights can be introduced to reduce the cost of lighting, fully utilize solar energy, prevent more unnecessary electricity consumption, reduce the overall cost of the operation of the scenic spot, and contribute to environmental protection.