High-efficiency energy-saving street lamp

- Jul 02, 2019-

Energy-saving street lamp: LED, tri-color flat leaf lamp, non-pole lamp, etc., represented by new light source, reach the relevant standard of road lighting through light distribution design, and must be combined with high reflectivity reflector to make high use of light efficiency.

The principle of electricity saving has two aspects: first, composite light composed of a wide wavelength, with high color rendering index, low color product tolerance and other excellent light quality, clear vision, the closer to the sun, the better, high visible light content ratio, light source efficiency above 90LM/W; Second, high power factor low harmonic constant power output, reduce line loss and avoid high voltage super brightness waste; Third, long service life. General power saving rate and high - pressure sodium lamp do comparison. The efficiency depends on the size of the glare, the visual effect, the efficiency of the reflector and the effective utilization of the light.

High-efficiency energy-saving street lamp

I. basic explanation

Street lamp: basically, it is the lamp installed on the telegraph pole, along the street wall, road and other lights used for road lighting.

High-efficiency energy-saving street lamp: based on the original street lamp, through scientific and technological processing, the purpose is to design a kind of [1] high-efficiency energy-saving street lamp with low power consumption, high power factor and low current harmonic content. The lamp USES 65% less electricity than the original street lamp, and its life is three to four times longer.

Ii. Components of high-efficiency energy-saving lamps 

1, lamps and lanterns should be firm and correct, declined with loose, skew phenomenon.

2. The lampshade should be intact and not broken.

3, ceramic gold porcelain lamp umbrella corrosion, deformation should be replaced.

4, the lamp reflector surface failure, should be replaced.

5, the reflector of lamps and lanterns in transportation, installation process should not be damaged or deformation, the lampshade should be added apron, rub bright, the lamp mouth is porcelain broken copper, should be replaced.

6. Lamps and lanterns should not be bent. All fixed screws should be tightened with spring eyeliner.

7, cast iron lamp holder has a crack, drop a block can not be used, no plastic luan atmosphere lu??

8. The lamp body hoop should be suitable for the pole, and the device fitting should not be too long.

9. The transparent cover and mirror of the lamp body should be cleaned and wiped during maintenance, and those that cannot be cleaned on site should be replaced.

10. The clasp of the transparent cover shall be complete and easy to use, and reliable hook shall be applied to prevent the cover from falling off.

11, dust-proof felt lamps to complete, not to repair and change.

13, a lamp applicable to different specifications of the bulb, the lamp mouth fixed point should be adjusted to the same position with the bulb capacity, to get the best light distribution curve.

14, all kinds of iron parts without serious corrosion or cracks, scars and other conditions, paint rust off should be brushed or galvanized.

3. Features of efficient energy-saving lamps

1. Energy saving: 65%;

2, illumination is equal to 4 times of ordinary fluorescent lamp;

3. Warranty of 30000H;

4. Insulation, fire prevention, electricity leakage prevention and dust prevention;

5. June to August to recover the investment cost;

6, power 150, less pollution;

7. Noiseless lighting;

8. Lumen height;

Iv. Scope of application

Schools, streets

Factory, workshop

Assembly line

Shopping malls, shopping malls

The basement

The sales department.