Green solar garden lights are also the product of LED development

- Aug 01, 2019-

1.Solar garden lamp

Green environmental protection is also the product of LED development. With the extension and development of science and technology, the production process of LED light guide plate gradually becomes rich and varied. Although various production processes have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the light guide plate laser dot machine conforms to the trend of The Times development, has more significant advantages in the market. Screen printing light guide board ink volatile, not only harmful to human health, and not moistureproof, not resistant to climate, poor stability, generally half a year after the obvious dim, light decay serious; Chemical etching method is mainly for small LCD backlight products, large light guide plate production is difficult... In contrast, the guide plate laser dot machine adopts uniform laser dot layout, guide plate guide light is more uniform, light uniformity can reach more than 90%. As for the application of light guide plate in LED display screen, I will teach you several practical tips of LED display screen: 1. When turning off the screen: turn off the screen first, then turn off. (turn off the computer and turn off the display screen first, which will cause high highlights on the screen and burn the lamp tube, causing serious consequences.) "2. The interval time should be more than 5 minutes when switching the LED display. 3. Only after the computer enters the engineering control software can the screen be switched on. 4. Avoid opening the screen in the all-white screen state, because this is the time when the shock current of the system is the largest. 5. Avoid opening the screen when it is out of control, because the shock current of the system is the largest at this time. (A) the computer has not entered the control software, etc.; (B) the computer is not powered on; (C). The power of the control part is not turned on. 6. When the ambient temperature is too high or the heat dissipation condition is not good, please pay attention not to open the screen for a long time. 7. When a line of LED display body is very bright, please turn off the screen in time. Under this condition, it is not suitable to turn on the screen for a long time. 8. If the power switch of the display screen trips frequently, check the screen body or replace the power switch in time. 9. Check the fastness of the joints regularly. If there is loose phenomenon, pay attention to timely adjustment, re-reinforcement or update the hanging parts. 10. Avoid insect bites according to the environment of the display body and the control part, and place anti-rodent drugs when necessary.

Due to the led garden light on the energy saving effect is better than incandescent bulbs, so even in the case of mass production, product development speed is faster than conventional incandescent light bulb use, but for now, led garden light price is also higher than that of the traditional courtyard lights, but with but as more and more people know and accept, as well as the scale of production gradually spread, led garden light prices would soon reach the traditional garden light price level.

If you add up the energy savings when you buy a yard lamp, you'll find that even at today's higher prices, the initial purchase cost plus a year's electricity is lower than incandescent and electronic energy-saving bulbs, based on a year's use. Outdoor led patio lights currently have a service life of up to 30,000 hours. Led courtyard lights will gradually replace incandescent bulbs and become the main force of urban and commercial lighting.