Green, energy-saving and low-cost solar led street lamps

- Jul 31, 2019-

  With the continuous deepening of sustainable development, people are actively developing all kinds of renewable new energy, and also advocating energy conservation and emission reduction green technology -- solar energy application technology. In the field of lighting, led lighting with long life, energy saving and safety, green environment protection and rich colors has been recognized as an important way of energy saving and environmental protection in the world. Solar led street lamps integrate the advantages of both.

(I) led lamps

Led lamp is a kind of semiconductor luminescent device that can convert electric energy into visible light. It does not rely on filament heating to give off light, but on the composite of positive and negative charges in the material to give off light, and the energy conversion efficiency is very high. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, long life, no maintenance and environmental protection. Traditional light source power consumption is relatively large, and most of the work under high voltage, the use of booster inverter link and reduce energy efficiency, and led low-voltage dc power supply, safe and low cost of light source control. The response time of led lamps is usually only a few nanoseconds to dozens of nanoseconds, making it possible to switch frequently and adjust the brightness. Moreover, led lamps, as all-solid luminescent body, are shockproof, shock resistant, not easy to be broken, with low heat value and no thermal radiation, and are cold light source, free of mercury, sodium and other substances that may be harmful to health, and waste can be recycled without pollution.

(2) solar street lamps

Solar street lamps are made of sunlight, which is safe, energy-saving and pollution-free. Solar control system combines solar photovoltaic technology and intelligent control technology well. Moreover, it has the advantages of simple circuit structure, stable and reliable operation and strong practicability.

1. Energy conservation and environmental protection

According to statistics, replacing all street lamps with solar street lamps can save the power generation of a three gorges hydropower station. Moreover, solar street lamps are a kind of clean renewable energy, which not only saves electricity, but also reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

2. Reliable and durable

In the harsh environment and climate conditions of solar street lamps, the photovoltaic power generation system rarely fails. At present, most of the production technologies of solar cell modules are sufficient to ensure that the performance will not decline for more than 10 years, and the solar cell modules can generate electricity for 25 years or more.

3, safety

Solar street lamps use self-retained electricity and are not connected to the Internet like alternating current. As a result, high-voltage surges often occur in the case of lightning strike, which poses a threat to the safety of equipment. As long as the design and installation are appropriate, the system has high safety.

4. Independent power supply

Solar street lamps are independent systems with the autonomy and flexibility of power supply.

(3) solar led street lamps

Solar led street lights have many advantages. It is generally believed that the energy-saving lamp can save 4/5, which is a great innovation. However, led street lamp can save 1/4 more energy than energy-saving lamp. In addition, led street lamp also has the advantages of high light quality, basically no radiation, reliable and durable, and low maintenance cost.

The application of solar energy and led technology in the field of street lamps fully conforms to the modern design concept of "green, energy saving and low cost". The success of the development of ultra-bright led lamps has greatly reduced the use cost of solar street lamps, and has the advantages of environmental protection, simple installation, safe operation and economic and energy saving. Due to the advantages of high light efficiency and low heat value, solar led street lamps have been more and more applied in the field of lighting, and show the trend of replacing traditional lighting lamps.

Solar led street lamps are widely installed in rural, township roads, urban secondary roads, squares, factory roads, factory areas, industrial parks, living communities, tourist attractions, parks, family courtyards and other places of lighting.