Full spectrum metal halide lamp

- Jul 09, 2019-

  Full-spectrum halogen lamps emit the closest natural light, because their light is full-spectrum, that is, all light waves. This includes all colors of visible light, with a small amount of ultraviolet.

The principle :

 1. The full-spectrum metal halide lamp is a discharge lamp that produces arc discharge in the mixed vapor of mercury and rare metals. The metal halide lamp is the third generation of light source made by adding various metal halides to the high pressure mercury lamp. Lighting using scandium sodium metal halide lamp, the lamps and lanterns has high luminous efficiency, good color rendering performance, long service life etc., is a kind of close to the sunlight of new energy-saving light source of color, there are special powders and pills, widely used in indoor breeding reptiles fill light, can be very good to promote bone growth for synthesis of vitamin D3, is by far the best breeding reptiles fill light. It has high light efficiency, long life (8000 ~ 20000h), color temperature (4000 ~ 10000k), good color rendering (Ra65 ~ 95), compact structure, stable performance and other characteristics. It has the advantages of fluorescent lamp, high pressure mercury lamp and high pressure sodium lamp. Especially the three advantages of high light efficiency, long life and good light color. The metal halide is filled into the arc tube, and the electric light source is excited by metal atom ionization. Full-spectrum metal halide lamps have two different spectral output frequencies, desert type and rain forest type, which can effectively meet the needs of rainforest and desert animals and effectively replace the traditional high-pressure mercury lamp. High-pressure sodium lamp is the best reptile filling light lamp.


1). Ultra-high light efficiency, different power up to 60-80lm /W, significant energy saving effect. 2. High color rendering, with the highest color rendering index above 90.

3). Long life span, with an average life span of 6000 hours.

4). With concentrated luminous points and compact structure, it is easier to achieve large area lighting when matched with lamps.

5). It can replace sunlight and effectively control infrared and ultraviolet bands.

6). Multi-color temperature selection, 3000K--10000K is the ideal light source for animal growth.

7). Suitable for all reptiles, amphibians and large and small animals.


The following is the comparison of UVB and UVA crawler lamps commonly used at home and abroad.

1). Fluorescent UVB lamp (pros: cheap, cons: low UV output);

2). Energy-saving UVB lamp (advantages: cheap, easy to use, disadvantages: low UV output);

3). Mercury lamp UV lamp (advantages: medium price, some need ballast, high UV output, disadvantages: UVC content, too high mercury content, not environmental protection, the eu has begun to limit);

4). Full spectrum metal halide lamp (advantages: UVA UVB output is high, most close to the solar spectrum heat output, direct replacement of ceramic heating lamp, long life, low power, energy saving and environmental protection. Disadvantages: high price, need ballast to start.