Frequently asked questions about LED lamp beads

- Jun 21, 2019-

Common problems

1. Problems caused by abnormal power supply:

01. Check whether the power supply is working normally and whether the indicator light is on. If it is not on, please check whether the power supply is connected;

02. Check whether the power cord of the lamp bead is well connected with the positive and negative poles of the power supply, and whether it is inverting. If the above problems exist, please connect it correctly.

2. Requirements for voltage of LED lamp beads:

In fact, different colors have different requirements on current. Yellow requires the minimum current, which is red, green, white and blue in order. Too much current will scorch the wick. Use 2.4V rechargeable battery, ** easy to burn, because even if the voltage is not large, but the current is too large, will still burn at will.

3. No power detection LED:

In the case of no power supply, it is recommended to have a 3V button battery for convenience in purchase, which can be used to conveniently check the light emitted by LED.

4. Reasons for burning off high-power led lamp beads:

01, the upper and lower two filament, our industry called gold wire, pure gold, do conductive, two positive pole, two negative pole, really good products will have the fifth line, welded on the zener tube, play a protective role.

02, the filament has been very clear to tell you that the lamp has been burned off by a large current, equivalent to breaking the circuit.

03. The driving current of high power 1W is about 350ma, and the working voltage is between 3.2-3.6v. Please pay attention when using it.

04, the general three 1W light aluminum substrate is about 12V drive, very few direct use of 220V, you see is not less a constant current source or less a 12V drive power supply?

5. Causes of yellow LED lamp beads:

The yellowing of the LED external sealing glue is mostly caused by the mismatch between epoxy resin and curing agent, but it cannot be ruled out that the external sealing glue baking time is too long. Solution: buy a complete set of external sealing glue and curing agent, such as model 800 or 2339 glue of Shanghai fine chemical industry co., LTD., which will not appear the following situation. In addition, pay attention to production control, operate in strict accordance with operation instructions, and avoid reasons such as too long or insufficient baking time.

6. Causes of leakage of LED lamp beads:

The equipment of the machine is not grounded, and the personnel are not wearing electrostatic bracelet (must be with rope). Cause improper electrostatic protection. Moreover, during the packaging process, PAD welding bias, and finally, the chip itself quality problems.

7. LED lamp bead should be the problem of capacitive and inductive load:

In fact, neither is true. The LED bead is a secondary tube, which requires a positive on-voltage to work, usually 2-3.5v. In addition, the current can control the brightness of the LED bead. In other words, LED beads convert electrical energy into light energy.

8. Causes of large pearl fading with LED lamp:

There are four reasons for the attenuation of small power LED: 1. Poor heat conduction of iron support. Two: yellowing of epoxy resin. Three: chip and bracket contact is not close enough. Four: chip attenuation. If it is white light, there is the problem of phosphor attenuation.


LED is called semiconductor light-emitting diode, which is made of semiconductor materials. It is an light-emitting device that converts electric energy into light energy and electric signals into light signals. It is characterized by low power consumption, high brightness, bright colors, vibration resistance, long life (normal luminous 80-100,000 hours), cold light source and other advantages, is the real "green lighting". In the future of the 21st century, LED lighting products will inevitably replace white woven lamps and become another revolution of human lighting.