Explore the secrets of LED plant light spectrum data

- Jul 23, 2019-

Just according to the season change, the plants grow before, but now, under the LED plant light plants can change according to the law of seasonal growth, changes in plant growth is seasonal artificial environment control, and plant lights just to complete the process of plant growth, if the environment has not changed, the growth of plants still depend on the season.

Plant plant is a cross - boundary product. Plant light spectrum technology is an important correlation point between planting equipment and planting technology. The planting process determines the spectral design, and the design and manufacture of plant lamps ensure the optimal efficiency of the light quality and energy required by the planting process. To understand the secret of LED plant light, it is necessary to deeply understand what LED plant light spectrum is.

Plants used to grow according to the time of year, but now they can change their growth cycle under LED lights. Why? To study the light spectrum, you need to know what LED plant light spectrum is before you can understand the mystery of how LED changes plant growth.

The research basis of light is spectrum, and the application quality of light requires spectral analysis. The spectrum of LED plant lamp is particularly important. The manufacturer's design ability of plant light spectrum determines its competitive position in the market.

Plant factory is cross-border products, good light solid light source institute divides into the plant factory technology cultivation and planting technology, equipment technology plant light spectrum technology is an important connection points of plant equipment and planting technology, the need to clear is planting process decision spectrum design, plant design and manufacture of light is to ensure that the planting technology of light mass energy required to achieve the best efficiency, these characteristics determine the plant spectrum of plant lamp design has the complexity and diversity.

Non-visual applications of spectra

Spectrum applied visual and non-visual application, lighting belongs to visual application, plant light to non-visual application, visual and non-visual application spectrum 'own physical dimension is different, however, is still see many plant lights in lighting units with parameters, this application will lead to the chaos of the parameter annotation may come from "plant lighting".

In essence, the spectral study of plant photosynthesis is an analysis of the distribution form and quantity value (light quality) of the light radiation power or light quantum in the wavelength defined domain, which is realized by spectral data and spectrograms.

Solar spectrum

Plant planting needs to study the solar spectrum. The solar spectrum tested on the ground belongs to the absorption spectrum. Due to the geographical location and different seasons, the amount of spectral radiation tested on the ground will be different, but the shape of the spectrum is the same.

The general theory of plant photosynthesis is to study the wavelength range of 400nm-700nm, and the spectral shape is close to rectangle.

The sunlight spectrum has important reference function to the plant light spectrum design, but does not have the dependence, attempts to imitate the sunlight spectrum to the plant lamp, is a futile and does not have the efficiency practice.

The ratio of red light, green light and blue light in the wavelength range of 400-700nm is:

The ratio of red, green and blue radiation in the wavelength range of 400-700nm in this spectrum is:

Red light accounted for 28.7%, green light 36.58% and blue light 35.43%.

It can be seen that there are differences in red, green and blue components in the spectrum due to different geographical locations, which have a great influence on the design of sunlight-type plants and hybrid plants.

It should be noted that the spectral analysis dimension of solar spectrum is different from that of artificial light source. The solar spectrum is suitable for radiation dimensional description, while the artificial light is suitable for light quantum dimensional description. There will be a special article on this issue later, please look forward to it.

Spectrum and limit parameters of LED light source

LED plant light spectrum as the focus on, because of the LED light source spectrum can be designed according to the needs of growing process, at the same time, the LED light source spectrum with dimming technology can realize the control of variable spectrum, LED light source is currently the only can implement variable spectrum light source plants, plant lamp variable spectrum technology is mainly for shape control of light, in the aspect of energy saving effect is not big, normal plant lights can be through the adjustment of the light cycle is energy-saving, the application of variable spectrum cost will increase a lot.

1) the highest PPF can be calculated according to the spectral morphology of LED

LED plant light spectrum of design is for growing process requirement of equipment support ability, relationship to the plant light manufacturer's market competitiveness, are the main characteristics of the technology in measuring manufacturers, plant light spectrum design reflects the manufacturer of the LED chip and the choice of encapsulation, plant light spectrum analysis and computing power, the light distribution design of lamps and lanterns, light quantum field uniformity control, drive technology, cooling technology, product reliability control, installation structure design and so on comprehensive manufacturing level, marked the manufacturer's products in the market of technical strength, Applying the above aspects to the evaluation of plant lamp products can reduce the investment risk and procurement risk.