Cloud street lamp

- Jul 05, 2019-

  Cloud street lamp: namely, Internet of things solar energy (LED) intelligent street lamp system, which integrates a number of cutting-edge technologies such as computer, Internet of things, sensing technology and cloud computing, and first realizes intelligent network control of solar energy (LED) lighting system, and integrates it into smart city (data) platform management of Internet of things.

The performance characteristics :

■ pure solar energy (or scenery) power supply, no power supply or other power supply, low operating cost;

Unique SPWM and MPPT digital technology, personalized design, year-round lights (anti-overcast and rainy days up to 25 days);

Microcomputer control, pure digital structure, time light control + environmental perception (human traffic flow and illumination) intelligent control + Internet of things management, more energy saving, lighting mode and system parameters can be adjusted online at any time;

■ connect with the smart city (data) center management system through the Internet of things; collect, monitor and upload online environmental and system data (sunlight, wind, temperature, battery, road illumination and road traffic flow, etc.); automatically adjust and set the working state of street lamps according to the data;

Wireless networking, no need to lay wires and cables, simple construction, low cost;

■ intelligent operation, network management, management and maintenance of the system is convenient and fast, and can predict and alarm terminal failure and road lighting in advance;

■ the full digital system and intelligent diagnosis working mode effectively protect and extend the system life, the battery life of more than 5 years, other parts life of more than 10 years;

■ standardized modular design, easy to produce and improve product quality, installation and maintenance more convenient and fast;

■ the system and the original intelligent network management system, authorized by the manager, can realize the monitoring and management of the system through PC or mobile communication terminal (such as mobile phone);

■ integrate into the smart city (data) center platform of the Internet of things, which is suitable for the needs and requirements of low-carbon and smart city development, and provides a good operational example for the construction of low-carbon and smart city.

To adapt to the scope :

  Internet of things solar energy (LED) intelligent lighting system is applicable to all LED lighting fields, as well as the upgrading of traditional lighting system.