20W solar street lamp

- Jul 05, 2019-

  20W solar street lamp, output voltage is 12V, battery is 12V/100Ah.


1. Solar panel: solar panel 80W/18V;

2. Ultra-bright 20W LED;

3. Controller 12V/10A;

4. Output voltage is 12V;

5. 12 v / 100 ah battery;

6. Size: total height of lamp post is 5.2m.

The working principle :

  Use solar panels to charge the battery, when the sun is full, solar panels in the sun, generate current and voltage, through the control panel, to charge the battery group. When using, the battery group output to LED load through the control panel.

Function is introduced:

1. The use of 20W ultra-bright LED, each bead brightness up to 100-110lum, high efficiency, long life, low power consumption, economical and practical.

2. Work 8-10 hours a day, and keep rainy days: 3-5 days.

Matters needing attention:

1. Do not immerse in corrosive liquids, which will damage the product.

2. Please do not scrape the surface of solar panel with sharp objects.

3. Please place the solar panel in direct sunlight to ensure the best photoelectric conversion effect.

4. Non-professionals should not open the shell to avoid danger.