Plant LED Grow 600W Light

Plant LED Grow 600W Light

Our LED grow light is the newest trend for indoor plants. Advanced LED grow lights use less electricity, and create less heat,
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Product Details

The main characteristics:

-LED light source: cory COB integrated light source chip CXB 3590 cxb3590;

- cooling system: heat resistant aluminum alloy housing + built-in mute fan;

- full spectrum customizable;

- lens Angle: 60/90/120 degrees optional;

-DP series covers different sizes and power consumption;

- standard/dimming /WIFI three functions for selection;

- easy installation with low heat and no noise;

- high yield and high quality help growth perfectly meet the light needs of small and medium-sized plants;

- three-year warranty and after-sales guarantee;

- focus on LED plant growth lamp with ten years of professional technology to ensure excellent quality.

Why our LED Grow Light are more suitable for the different growing stage of plant?            

Our patent  LED Grow Light adopts refined color ratio to cover the most important spectrum of light, which are very important to make plant grow faster and create maximum yield as much as possible.

Does your LED Grow Light work in my country?                                                                 

Worldwide voltage (85V-265V) is standard on all our LED lights. Customers in the UK will receive a UK power cord. Customers in Europe will receive an EU power cord. Customers in Australia will receive an AU power cord. If you are still confused about power compatibility in your specific country, please contact us.

Does this New LED Grow Light emit much heat?                                                               

LED are the most efficient lights nowadays; they produce so little heat that you can actually let the plant touch the light (although it's not recommended - as you will reduce the size of your growing area). Any heat produced by the unit is absorbed by the heat sink and dissipated by the fans in the rear of the light.

Unlike some LED grow light with poor design of heat sinking, the maximum heat generated by our LED grow light is less than 45 degree, much less than normal

Our quality guarantee:

1. All the beads are made of pure gold;

2. The power supply, radiator, wire and other raw materials are certified, and the quality is guaranteed; ,

3. All lamps are aging for 72 hours and refuse 24 hours;

With a factory area of more than 41,000 square meters, it can accommodate large orders.

5. A special quality control department is set up to strictly control product quality.


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