LED Grow Lights Greenhouse Full Spectrum

LED Grow Lights Greenhouse Full Spectrum

Function: led grow light 300w can be used for plant grow, fruits grow, greenhouse grow.
The main material of 300w led grow light is ABS.
The option of color for led grow light 300w is white.
The weight of led grow light 300w is 860g. Each grow led light is in color box.
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Product Details

● the best full red spectrum -- all kinds of indoor plants can grow happily anytime and anywhere in the flowering and fruiting growth stage! The secret is that our growth light extracts the most useful full-spectrum red light from natural sunlight, helping plants photosynthesise better. Unlike other full-spectrum growth lamps, we use all-red light to ensure that production will increase to 40-50%. 

● powerful cooling system, our 300w led growth lamp USES 2 power sources. One is a high-speed cooling fan, which can cool the internal temperature of the fan very well. One is to provide energy for light. All this adds up to a powerful working system that transfers heat from the inside of the lamp to the outside and works efficiently. Fully protected led board, long service life. 

● unique LED bead and zener design -- we use LED bead and zener design instead of reflector, to ensure that one LED out will not affect other LED. The results show that the plastic reflector cannot withstand the high temperature above 70 degrees and will burn through like melt. That's why Growstar grow light USES led beads/zeners and stays with them. We want the planting process to be safer and more environmentally friendly.

 ● higher nominal value and energy savings -- 115 watts versus 300 watts. Unique 120-degree optical lens and 5w HPS/HID chip design, with higher face value (660 lumens 24 ") and lumen output than other 300w chips. Effectively reduce the light loss, ensure the light utilization rate up to 98%. This allows the growing amount of light to strike a balance between efficiency and energy efficiency. 

● reliable warranty and professional service/support -- we are not only a seller, but also a professional manufacturer, with 8 years of led growth lamp sales and production experience. All our products are subjected to strict high temperature test and testing before leaving the factory. The two-year warranty period is our promise. With our growing lights, you can enjoy a variety of plants, vegetables flowering and bearing fruits in the right season and out of season.

led grow light 300w Product Specification

Model No.

300W led grow light 300w


ABS cob led grow light


White, led grow light 300w

Working voltage

90-140v, 170-300v 300w led grow light

Led chip

3030LED 100pcs, led grow light 300w


>80, grow led light

Product size

258*258*45mm led grow light 300w

Product weight

860g led grow light 300w

Working lifespan

50000 hours cob led grow light


Full spectrum led grow light 300w


Each in color box

Carton size





Yes, both OEM & ODM

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