120W Outdoor LED Garden Lights

120W Outdoor LED Garden Lights

SHIPPING FROM US !!! Specially designed for indoor and outdoor lighting. Widely replace the CFL/MH/HID/HPS.
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●SHIPPING FROM US !!! Specially designed for indoor and outdoor lighting. Widely replace the CFL/MH/HID/HPS. Applied to Gas station,Parking lot,Corridor, Mall,Light pole and Garden,Warehouse lamp,Street lamp,Hotel,Bar,Theme restaurant,A ncient architecture,Haunted house decoration etc.

●Die casting aluminum heat dissipation and fan circulation air design, exchange cooling system to accelerate heat dissipation.Isolated constant current power supply,Unique and novel appreance.

●No RF interference,No IR/UV radiation,No mercury pollution.High-luming LED 2835SMD, lamp light efficiency up to 130-140lm /W,100-277VAC ballast free easy installation,

●IP65 Built to last: Unique construction design with excellent heat management and High quality aluminum Heat Sink ensure long life performance up to 50,000 hours.(23 years based on 6hours/day). IP65 Wet location-rated design, waterproof, dust-proof, mosquito proof.

●Lumen output with energy saving: 80W -150w LED corn light generates a stunning 10400 -19500 lumen output at 130-140lm/W , designed to replace up to 250W - 450W Metal Halide/HPS bulb. Cut down your electricity bill by 80%.

●The lamp housing is made of aluminum die-casting design, strong impact resistance, the appearance is simple and generous

●Unique shape,impervious of water, excellent heat dissipation performance

●The power supply driver and the light source circuit are connected by a plug-in and pull-out special connector, and the installation, maintenance and replacement are convenient and concise;

●High quality led source,Batwing lens for wider lighting cover Area, high luminous efficiency, low light decay, high color rendering, no flicker, long service life

●standard installation φ60mm,Installation and disassembly need not open cover design, easy operation.


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